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Ontario, Canada to Adopt E15 As Standard

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Move to cleaner, healthier, more powerful ethanol blend to come as early as 2025

AUTO CENTRAL - December, 4, 2018: Reports from multiple sources (Growth Energy, Renewable Fuels Association, and the U.S. Grains Council) are applauding the decision by the government of Ontario, Canada to move forward on a "preserve and protect" environment plan that includes the mandating of E15 ethanol-gasoline blends as the standard fuel available throughout the province.

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The Auto Channel also applauds the move, which signals the important role that ethanol plays in improving the quality of the air, reducing respiratory and mental health risks, and increasing reliance on domestic and regional fuel sources...even in a country rich in petroleum oil opportunities.

"Canada is a beautiful country, and Ontario is a fabulous province to live and work in," said Bob Gordon, president and co-publisher of The Auto Channel. "We hope that the rest of Canada follows Ontario's lead and makes the same change. We also hope that the move will encourage other British Commonwealth Nations to make similar improvements."

Marc Rauch, TACH's co-publisher added, "Personally, I wish the change would happen sooner... 2020 at the latest. In many respects, adopting ethanol and higher ethanol levels in blended fuels is a matter of life and breath. 2019 or 2020 is not too soon to come clean. Brazil's standard fuel is E27. There are reports that they will move to E40 within the next several years. I would like to see the U.S. and Canada keep pace with Brazil."

The complete Ontario plan can be read by CLICKING HERE.

Following the public release of the plan, Growth Energy, U.S. Grains Council, and Renewable Fuels Association issued the following joint statement:

“As one of the largest markets for ethanol, this is a huge milestone for Canada and the people of Ontario. Ontario recognizes the important environmental, economic, and health benefits that ethanol provides and we look forward to seeing this plan become a reality by 2025.” E5 is currently the Canadian national mandate.

The Auto Channel expects that there will be lots of fierce resistance from the petroleum oil industry to the Ontario move. Despite the fact that major oil industry entities have championed ethanol-gasoline blends in Great Britain and Europe for many decades in the 20th century, when it comes to North America they can't create and disseminate enough lies and exaggerations against ethanol.

For full details, see "The Hypocrisy of Big Oil".

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For the whole story on ethanol fuel, read "THE ETHANOL PAPERS" right here. It's a FREE 641-page digital book from The Auto Channel.