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Size Does Matter When It Comes To In-depth Automotive Content


Originally Published 11/20/2006

Editor's Note : Still Turgid After All These Years

The Internet (and The Auto Channel) is Different - Size and Quality Do Matter

Over the past 17 (now 25) years people have asked us …”what is the difference between The Auto Channel and all the other automotive web sites?”

The main difference is that we tell we don't sell we have always understood the differences between a static print publication and a dynamic interactive publication.

Other differences include our “Automotive Universe” editorial concept… the respect we have for our viewer’s intelligence and auto acumen…the importance we place on the depth and breadth of content…and the multi-media content offered only by The Auto Channel.

The Auto Channel was designed and developed to offer a concentrated audience of intelligent web savvy car guys and gals…information that is not available to them any place else.

Our audience is comprised of “Influencers”, who aren’t swayed by the past, but demand access to massive amounts of relevant automotive information, whether as text, video, audio or whatever, to help them make or influence automotive decisions everyday.

The Auto Channel mirrors these automotive enthusiasts by offering them access to the Automotive Universe in a holistic perspective…as an immense matrix of interacting automotive communities: from new cars to motor sports, auto industry to auto repair, used cars to car shows, from alternative fuel powered vehicles to alternate routes, from online Racing Sims to women and cars and on and on…

The Auto Channel provides easy access to more than 100 gigabytes of unbiased and exclusive automotive content residing in, 16 databases, 1,200,000 pages and over 10,000 video and audio programs.

This massive library provides The Auto Channel users with a choice of not just a few relevant responses to their specific auto subject search, but hundreds if not thousands of responses/information, some of which does not exist anywhere else in the world.

When our users do a search on The Auto Channel they find not only specific data but are shown “see also’s”, connections to relevant automotive content that encourages them to take “side trips” to related stories and data.

OK, that’s all well and good, but what makes this different from other auto web sites?

They all have search…they all have editorial and most even offer limited video…they are credited with having it all…but do they really?

Compare what many “media experts” believe are editorial competitors to The Auto Channel…online versions of old line automotive print magazines and single purpose consumer/dealer information services.

Choose some random automotive subjects and query the “Search our Site” area of what may appear to be tough competition for The Auto Channel…see the results for your self. Smart advertisers can use sites like The Auto Channel to reach a highly concentrated audience of influential auto enthusiasts and intelligent buyers, who believe that because their time is valuable…Size Does Matter!

If The Auto Channel Content Choices are too Overwhelming, leave, there Are many Content-Thin "Lead-Gen Sites" licking their chops, waiting for your visit so they can Sell Your Name and Data To A Dealer Who Pays Them For The Lead...Or You Can Stay Here And Have Fun and Discover.

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