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Hey Google Remember When Content in Context Mattered To Rankings?

Hey I Get It content on a car site...what a concept!

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Originally Published February 5, 2016

Automotive Content in Context

Co-publisher's Note: Back in the "old days" the Google search engine valued content not only as a stand alone page but by its context, it mattered when there was value added relevant content adjacent, within or surrounding the searched for subject, so much so that back then Google deemed it an important and rank worthy differential, important enough that The Auto Channel content allowed Google to rank The Auto Channel in the top 5 automotive sites in the world, and then it didn't.

So what changed?, not the value of the content and its relevance to the searcher, the only thing that changed was the arbitrary value that Google removed, eliminating the value of the context in which the searched for content resided.

It is as true today as it was back then that every automotive news article, automotive video, automotive press release and auto review when found on The Auto Channel brings additional value for the reader than the "same content" found om a non automotive-centric site.

As the 20 year old pioneer of automotive content on the Internet, The Auto Channel offers readers the additional opportunity of finding "more info" culled from our million plus page archive, information that can immediately expand the substance and context of their searched for interest.

The Auto Channel's "venue-relevance" for automotive content is unquestionable, so broadly disseminated automotive subject releases when searched for on Google should logically be listed higher on the search result page than the same release published on non-automotive sites, but inconceivably they are not any more.

If an automotive news release gets Google ranked higher on a non-automotive web site (like on a local TV station site) than on an in-context automotive site (like The Auto Channel) we believe that the Google search results are delivering less value to the searcher then they did and should again.

Hey Google your machine intelligence search hasn't worked right since the animal kingdom arrived in Mountain View...and for a company that professes that it considers the value of the "viewer experience" in its rankings, it's obvious that nobody informed Google's algorithms to place value on content context or purposely informed it that the relevance of content context has no value in considering its ranking.

We are hoping that Google's upcoming "new and improved" AI assisted search will once again value relevance and content context, improving the experience of the reader, creator and publisher.

Here is what I-Scoop says about content context; Every little chunk of content, including a share, is sacred, as long as it’s contextually relevant. That’s content in context: the context of the “audience”, the interactors at “the other side” and their networks. In the end, it’s about optimization and an integrated view on content marketing and other tactics, around the customer and target there Google so there!.

The very same attributes that separate CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, ESPN, and the other full service television networks, from the multitude of Shopping Channels, make The Auto Channel a one-of-a-kind.

Unlike the popular one trick pony auto sites like KBB, Auto Trader, Edmunds, and, which attract a large audience satisfied with doing basic vehicle research; like new car specs and reviews, auto dealer inventory and some past model data, only The Auto Channel puts vehicle research in context.

Over the past 20 years the owners of The Auto Channel have consciously and rigorously built the largest independent automotive web site, offering viewers access to a matrix of in-depth, in-context easy to find automotive information and data. Over the past 18 years more than 200 million serious auto researchers have dug down into our more than 1 million pages of automotive news, opinion, reviews, and predictions…to get the information they needed to help make them a smarter buyer or facilitator.

The Auto Channel content includes not just competitive in-depth new and used car data, but provides the web’s original and “invented here” vehicle research tools like; TACH’s 4-car com-par-a-graph, TACH’s Rank By Spec (over 150), TACH’s New Vs. Used Car Comparison’s; TACH’s Total Cost Of Ownership Comparisons, along with 45 Brand Specific Buyers Guides, research tools that provide a meaningful context for the data.

Also included on The Auto Channel is “News For Every Brand” (1996-present), Professional opinions and vehicle reviews (no owner or amateur reviews here), in-depth information and opinions about alt fuels, Press Pass Coverage of the world’s major car shows (1997-Present), which includes a video library of hundreds of press events held at those shows as full and complete VIDEO no matter whether 5 minutes or 40 minutes…not just a 1 minute edited version found on the many shopping versions of automotive websites.

Since its inception in 1996 The Auto Channel has been, and continues to be committed to this feature, we were the first, and continue to be the only, auto site to archive video of these events, and to make it easy for viewers to see video of virtually every new car unveiled over the past 17 years.

Like at “real TV networks”, The Auto Channel producers’ editors and writers compose and publish relevant automotive or energy news stories from around the world, edit and refine and publish every relevant automotive news release provided by the world’s automotive associated companies, and publish original features, reviews and opinion from The Auto Channel writers with datelines from North America, Europe and Asia, information that allows our viewers to weigh the auto companies along with their products.

There is no other single automotive web site that provides the contextual and in-depth information that a car buyer or buff may want or need to see, and there is only one site on the web that can truly call itself The Auto Channel and that’s us.

*I-Scoop - Every little chunk of content, including a share, is sacred, as long as it’s contextually relevant. That’s content in context: the context of the “audience”, the interactors at “the other side” and their networks. In the end, it’s about optimization and an integrated view on content marketing and other tactics, around the customer and target segments.

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