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Review - 2015 Kia Sedona SXL The "No Problem" Minivan

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2015 Kia Sedona SXL

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By Bob Gordon
Pres. & Co-Publisher

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As many of you know my idea of a “good” vehicle is one that does what you need it to without any excuses or problems, well the Platinum Silver 2015 Kia Sedona SXL I tested recently is a perfect example of a “No Problem” vehicle that did everything I expected and more...all without any problems.

I was visiting the San Diego area to meet my younger son and his family (wife, and two BIG boys 18 and 16) who were returning to The USA from a 4 year tour in Okinawa. I knew that they would have lots of luggage (16 checked pieces plus two carry-on's each and two pet cages containing their beloved cats) stuffed with clothing and other personnel items that would have to suffice them until their 1000 lb “express” shipment was to arrive in SD a couple of week later.

Well happily they all arrived safely and understandably groggy after a 30 plus hour journey and it sure was good to see them...

With so MUCH LUGGAGE we employed a porter with a LARGE dolly to gather up the ton of luggage from the carousel, and my son retrieved the two cats in their large cages...

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So here was the first test for the Sedona, I pulled around to the passenger pick up area, opened the rear door, lowered the third row which easily lowered (fold into the floor)into its assigned space creating a much needed flat floor. I then moved the middle's captain type seats to as close to the front as possible which created a enormous cargo space which was needed to load all of the luggage, then placed the pet cages on each of the captains seats (with towels covering the seats of course), loaded my daughter in law and two grand kids (did I say big) into a taxi and off my son and I went over to Coronado to their new abode to unload the load.

Even with its extra-heavy cargo, the Sedona rode and handled great...merging onto the I5 speedway was not a problem for the V6 276 HP engine which was strong, quiet and smooth and responded as it should to a heavy foot.

Once the luggage was off loaded and all seats set back in place we all were able to admire and appreciate the Sedona's good looks and sophisticated fit and finish...two tone upholstery, hand stitching around the dash and door panels and lots of upscale touches and lots of the latest digital driver assists.

In today's world where every family member has a smart phone or iPad or laptop that needs to be charged the Sedona rose to the “No Problem” occasion with a myriad of USB and 12 volt receptacles all within reach of all the passengers.

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The NAV system took a minute or two for my high technologist son to master, but just a few minutes and so it also moved over the the “No Problem” side of the ledger.

The middle and third row ingress and egress operations took just a moment to understand and maximize and they also moved into the “No Problem” side of the ledger, even for my daughter in law and now three grandsons, (the third arrived in SD from Vail to join the welcome home party.)

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Although most of the week's driving was Southern California stop and go with moments of 80 mph cruising , the Sedona averaged almost 18 MPG and when we all took a day off to visit Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim the Sedona moved its average to 21 mpg... “No Problem” once again. The weekend I was in San Diego it rained monsoon rains and the Sedona felt sure footed and confident in its ability to ford the rivers that were formed on roads and freeway's.

On the road, whether dry or wet, the Sedona rode and handled like the elegant luxury car it is...quiet, smooth, easy to drive, responsive, powerful, equipped with all of the latest safety electronics .

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Power power everywhere, each rear passenger doors were power activated both by a button in the car and a button on the key fob as was the tailgate. Entertainment was top notch with speakers everywhere, and convenience everywhere from its myriad cup-holders to 4444 (well maybe not but lots) cubbyholes, draws shelves and other neat storage places.

Although my days as a soccer dad have long since passed, my days as a granddad that likes to take any number of my 7 grandsons places has me considering becoming a late in life owner of a “No Problem” Kia Sedona...hmmm me and my grand kids going to great places …No Problem.

So here is my final take on this vehicle... any family that can afford to own one is No Problem to load every one in, take the dog and camping or surf gear and head on down the road... hey dude all with No Problem.

The Kia Sedona is a must look-at and test drive if you are considering the purchase of a luxury compares and in many specs surpasses the Chrysler Town and Country, Honda Odyssey and Toyota can see a side by side by side by side comparison of 100 specs, warranties, capacities and dimensions of similar trim level and priced mini-vans HERE

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Sophisticated, Luxurious Kia Sedona, A Cool Moms Dream Car
Hey Moms I know you vowed back in high-school to never be “that girl” who drove a mini-van no matter what, but listen to Dad and have enough self-confidence to own and enjoy the many benefits and practicalities of a No Problem, vehicle, you will be happy you do!

The Kia Sedona comes in 5 trim levels L, LX, EX, SX and the top of the line SXL which was my test car for this review, Kia Sedona Trim Levels Side By Side

2015 Kia Sedona SXL - Test Car

MSRP - $39,700
SXL Technology Package - $2700
---Xeon Headlights
---Lane Departure Warning System
---Forward Collision Warning System
---Surround View Monitor (really cool)
---Smart Cruise Control (pretty cool)

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