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2012 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) Press Pass Coverage

2012 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

Get the complete back-story. See the car show as if you are a journalist

For the sixteenth year in a row, is proud to present exclusive PRESS PASS COVERAGE of the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). TACH's Press Pass Coverage features dozens of full-length videos posted as they happen and archived for future reference.


And this year, like all years, our comprehensive video coverage is "Google TV" and "Internet TV" ready!

Now, how is it that this is The Auto Channel's 16th year presenting Google TV-ready video content? Simple, even before there was a there was, and because we always understood the eventual convergence of television and the Internet. Heck, we were the original pioneer in Internet streaming video, and we've always been the

leader in presenting the most complete content; video, audio and text. So naturally, now that, SONY and Logitech have joined the 21st century and decided that maybe this Internet video thing is for real, we're happy to have them join us in order to present the best coverage of all the major auto shows.

Whether you're online with a standard computer; watching on your iPhone, iPad or Droid PCD; or now enjoying the "promise of the Internet" via a Google TV capable television, you can watch thousands of The Auto Channel's videos at anytime of the day or night.

At The Auto Channel we have always been much happier to give you copious amounts of free content as opposed to virtually all other auto-related online outlets that just wanted to sell you stuff or collect your personal information that they can sell to car dealers. HaHaha, some have actually tried to charge fees before they granted you access to their content.

Watching TACH's video coverage of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show is like having Media Credentials to this major automotive event. You'll see the show like a rich and famous journalist - in fact better than a rich and famous journalist, because if there was such a thing even they wouldn't get better coverage. You get:

• Unlimited viewings of un-cut, un-abridged videos

• Extensive text reports from manufacturers and journalists

• On-location photography

• Unrestricted access to TACH's exhaustive proprietary databases and pricing and comparison tools.

And guess what, it's all FREE! To "experience" the 2012 Detroit Auto Show CLICK HERE.

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