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Dealer Group Disagrees With Proposed Gasoline Standards In 2025

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But First Snide's Remarks; Although we agree with the NADA (see release below) that this latest proposed increase in the MPG standard is wrong, we differ as to why. While higher gasoline MPG may sound good, it makes the case that we will never replace gasoline and keep America slaves to Big Oil.

Instead of presenting an argument against gasoline that supports America, what has been said by NADA is self serving and frankly an anti-American position.

America's car dealers (a patriotic group if there ever was one) are missing an opportunity to not only do what's right for the U.S., but to help themselves sell more cars, which we believe is a good thing. Just imagine Mr. Dealer if the average buyer had hundreds of dollars a month more to spend on a new flex-fuel car with the money they saved on their weekly fill-up?

The facts are simple and obvious unless Americans use little or no gasoline by 2025; America's economy, America's foreign policy and America's freedom will continue to be controlled by anti-American despots and their American partners.

Without mandating a timely drop-in replacement for gasoline, America will jump when OPEC says Jump (talk about puppets), and when OPEC expects genuflection we will continue to bow deeply, and when OPEC says "go screw yourself America" through their controlled production, America will continue to react with a PR stunt like today's announcement that the U.S. will be releasing oil from our ("strategic" does the President know what that word means?) oil reserves, which are being stored for some future catastrophe, not for a lack-of-balls political move(see Putz of the Day).

For many years The Auto Channel has been screaming for an actual American alternative to oil, but alas to no seems that big oil is just too powerful. We believe that it will take an American Autumn, with millions of pissed off and patriotic Americans taking to the "streets" to demand an end to our oil addiction and everything that it means.

If you want the truth about Ethanol click here.


Washington DC June 24,2011; The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) took issue with a letter sent to the White House yesterday by a group of former Republican public officials, including four former EPA administrators. In the letter, the group urged President Obama to set aggressive fuel economy and emission standards for model years 2017 to 2025. In response, NADA issued the following statement:

“Circumstances have changed since these former EPA officials were in office. We now have three different fuel economy rules with all of the confusion and problems associated with that. America’s new-car dealers question why the EPA and California need to be involved in setting national fuel economy policy, when Congress explicitly authorized NHTSA solely for that task. We need to return to a single national fuel economy rule. But beyond that the real question is whether—under the Administration’s plan—new-car and -truck shoppers will be able to afford the rising cost of vehicles or find affordable vehicles that meet their needs. According to a recent U.S. Energy Information Administration report, raising fuel economy standards by 6% annually will result in a 14% decrease in auto sales by 2025, and will regulate out of existence vehicles that today cost less than $15,000. These new rules, which the Administration is rushing out three years early, could easily wind up hurting, not helping consumers.”

Source: NADA Newsroom

Turning Oil Into Salt - America's Way Out Of Its Oil Slavery

Anne Korin eloquently explains how in the book she authored with Gal Luft, "Turning Oil Into Salt." You can watch and listen to Anne in the exclusive video below.

Click PLAY to watch Anne Korin's presentation at the American Coalition for Ethanol Conference

We need real, real change and innovative solutions; not naïve guessing.

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