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American Coalition for Ethanol Conference Concludes with Renewed Determination to Empower Consumer Choice - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO COVERAGE

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Featuring complete video coverage of the conference's keynote and closing presentations

AUTO CENTRAL - August 9, 2010: Hot on the heels of a remarkable retraction from the World Bank that increased ethanol production had NOTHING to do with the soaring rise in food prices over the past couple of years (CLICK HERE for the story), the American Coalition for Ethanol held their 23rd conference and trade show in Kansas City last week.

The four-day conference agenda featured a wide range of targeted breakout sessions plus two general sessions. Individual sessions covered such topics as:

• Innovations to Improve Efficiency & Profit
• USDA Programs for Ethanol Producers
• OSHA & Ethanol in 2010
• Impact of Current & Future Air Quality Regulations on Ethanol Producers

Jay O'Neil, Senior Agricultural Economist at Kansas State University, delivered a fact-filled presentation about the true economic realities of corn growing and ethanol production that dispels a great number of negative misconceptions about ethanol. Perhaps the single most significant detail revealed by Jay is that in a $4.00 retail box of corn flakes that there is only 6 cents worth of corn. Therefore, adding ammunition to the World Bank food vs. fuel retraction, it’s obvious that even if there was a large rise in the cost of corn (for any reason) that there are actually other factors that made food prices soar.

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Anne Korin's book

The highlight of all presentations was Anne Korin's keynote speech that was based on the work she does as Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security as well as a book she co-authored with Gal Luft, "Turning Oil Into Salt." The significance of the book’s title is that salt was very much a strategic commodity – like oil/gasoline is now – and used by regimes to control the lives and destinies of others. However, as new methods were invented to preserve food, salt lost all of its importance, even though more salt is consumed today than at any time in history. Consequently, Anne’s point is that we must find a way to denude oil (and the evil regimes that control it) of its strategic importance, rendering it just another commodity. A video of Anne’s complete presentation is available on-demand by clicking PLAY in the windows below.

For more information about Anne Korin and the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security visit

Marc J. Rauch, Exec. Vice President and Co-Publisher of THE AUTO CHANNEL delivered the conference's closing presentation. Titled "Ethanol Is The 1," Marc's presentation focused on how the oil industry has engaged in divide and conquer tactics, as well as the dissemination of lies and misconceptions to prevent alternative fuels from general acceptance. Marc's complete presentation can be viewed by clicking on PLAY in the windows below.

For more information about the American Coalition for Ethanol and the conference visit

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