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Yes President Obama There Is A Silver Bullet Solution For "No More Gasoline Now"

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Yes Mr. President There Is a Silver Bullet

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Co-publishers Note: February 25, 2012; In the President's radio address this morning (see complete video below article) Mr. Obama stated his vision for an American Energy policy, highlighted by the sound bite "All-of-the-above" which we believe - based on historic reality - translates to “None-Of-The–Above”.

More than 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote in a book called “The Art of War”, that success will come from the strategy of “divide and conquer” …a strategy that we believe is at work today in our effort to solve our nation’s and the world’s junkie-like dependence on fossil fuels and the companies and countries that sell us the needed “smack”.

Many solutions never become The or even A solution; each suggested solution has a counter suggestion, each need for support and love (both financially and logistically) cancels out another's need for money and support. And all the while American driver-drones have to fill up our tanks, we complain about cost, stay depressed, and yet stick our heads in the sand so we can, like a junkie, enjoy our highs without a concern for the lows we know will soon come, the result of premeditated commercial and government policies, like “All-of-the Above”.

Mr. President, OPEC’s long standing and successful “Divide and Conquer” strategy manifested by its mantra, “there is not one replacement for gasoline” continues to take America's collective eyes and intelligence off of a proven and virtually immediate alternative to gasoline.

Your recent adoption of big oil’s “Divide and Conquer” strategy as your energy policy, "All-Of-The-Above”, is not only based on lies but is dangerous for America.

"All-Of-The-Above" promotes and justifies the continuation of the gasoline status-quo for as long into the future as Big Oil wants it to go. Your misguided complicity promotes and rationalizes the American People’s lack of a real and meaningful choice, and continues our government supported 100 year old addiction to oil.

Mr. President your recent words and the past 3 years lack of realistic pro-American anti-gasoline actions are directly helping our enemies continue the most dangerous monopoly suffered by Americans. Your stated endorsement of what is a no-choice pro-oil policy justifies and supports America’s continued need for gasoline for as long as possible.

But this can all change as soon as you understand and then support the fact that there is a real “silver bullet” solution…an alternative that is American, Sustainable, Available and Historically proven.

The article below contains the logic and facts behind a real solution, it was originally published on May 27, 2010 with a title of “Yes Virginia, There is a Silver Bullet To Replace Gasoline Now”, alluding to the famous editorial response to a letter from a little girl named Virginia asking if there really was a Santa Claus.

Apparently you or your advisers never saw or bothered to investigate the validity and benefits of America’s tested silver bullet, but instead chose to adopt (whether out of ignorance, stupid or third column advisers or at worst as a front for the Oil Lobby.) the "All Of The Above" Energy Plan, which virtually eliminates a focus and adoption of the “silver bullet” that can lower gas prices and get our wonderful county out from under the yoke of OPEC.

Mr. President your “All-Of-The-Above” approach is both wrong and harmful for the American people. Stop using misguided rhetoric and support the truth that there is an immediate solution to America’s dependence on gasoline.

To get the unvarnished truth about an existing silver bullet, American Ethanol, I suggest that you go and get the unbiased data about ethanol from our scientists at the Renewable Energy Labs in Golden Colorado for yourself. Obviously you need to hear it directly and not through political or sycophantic filters; for if you had you would not be taking the misguided path you are taking America down.

Yes Virginia There Is A Silver Bullet Solution For "No More Gasoline Now"

Yes Virginia There Is A Single Solution To
Yes Viriginia There Is A Silver Bullet Solution For "No More Gasoline Now"

By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher
The Auto Channel

AUTO CENTRAL - May 27, 2010: As many of our regular visitors know, we have been working hard to insure that the truth about alt fuels sees the digital light of day.

There are many editorials, articles and videos here on The Auto Channel that both individually and collectively reflect our beliefs and position about the alt fuel ruckus, so many in fact that we thought it important to simply distill (a perfect word) it down and clarify our position.

The Auto Channel editorial board looks at the mobility fuel issue two ways; a near term (as close to now as possible) and a long term (forever solution), although they may inevitably be one and the same.

The media and industry wags that espouse the “there is not one answer” to the gasoline/oil problem are empowering a status-quo that benefits only the Oil companies and their bad guy owners who profit (big time) from us by having us continue to buy their overpriced poison for as long as possible (another 100 years?).

Over the past 100 years, gasoline has been the defacto single answer to mobility fuels, there was (up until a few years ago) virtually no talk or movement towards the imminent need for other solutions (other than by the tree-hugers , forward thinking individuals and inventors).

Big Oil has been capitalizing on our collective addiction to their monopolistic products which they control like a drug pusher does, making it easily available (most of the time) for us to use to power the vehicles that provide us mobility to live our hard fought-for freedom. Even though oil is cheap and easy to get, like addictive drugs it creates more problems than its worth both in money and our children's lives.

In the early years of the U.S. motoring revolution, the various fuel competitors (electric, alcohol, steam, diesel, CNG) all competed to become the single answer for mobility fuels but were systematically and with obvious forethought taken out of contention by the oil companies and their enabling politicians so as to successfully create a hundred year monopoly for petroleum based fuels that still exists today.

Unlike Santa who some baa humbuggers don't believe is real, Ethanol is really real and has always been THE better alternative to gasoline. It can be 100% domestic, non polluting, better for your vehicle and more democratically beneficial and geographically diverse, benefiting not just the monopolistic few but the many, from farmers and other providers of cellulostic materials to the distillers, distributors and retailers in every state in every city and in every county who will all profit from involvement with the ecologically better permanent replacement for gasoline. When Ethanol becomes the fuel of choice it can retail for under a buck a gallon...what will that do for the family budget? And best of all, the billions of dollars generated in the vertical do not disappear but stay here at home to multiply jobs and invigorate our economy forever....ain't that better than we have now?

Near to long term solution: Ethanol

  • Ethanol is already here, no rocket science or additional testing or delays necessary.
  • Ethanol will work well in virtually (200 Million EFI equipped) every car and light truck on our roads today.
  • Ethanol can use the existing distribution system, and every auto technician in every part of the U.S. already knows how to “work” on Ethanol powered vehicles.
  • Ethanol is domestic and renewable.
  • Ethanol is better for your vehicle than gasoline.
  • Ethanol is better for our planet than gasoline.
  • Auto makers know how to make cars and trucks that run on Ethanol ( there are already more flex-fuel vehicles on America's roads than the total sum of all hybrids).
  • The Ethanol supply does not have to be protected by our wonderful military.
  • Despots without Oil Money will fade back into their valueless holes with their extremist minions.

Long Term and Forever Solution - Does anyone really know?

  • Electric Vehicles – Plug-ins; Fuel-Cell; All flavors of Hybrids (depending on application) and maybe even a Flux Capacitor.
  • Who Knows, but by replacing gasoline now with home grown ethanol who really cares?

Let me know what you think;

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But Last Snide's Remarks, June 22, 2010: During the past 15 years The Auto Channel has put its resources where its beliefs are and provided in-depth, and many times exclusive coverage, of alt fuel events including those for the electric vehicle sector far more vigorously than any other mainstream automotive web site. We still strongly support the idea that some day domestic, sustainable, non-polluting electric, hydrogen or a yet unknown fuel must power our vehicles, but we also believe that now is the time to compel a ubiquitous near term replacement for our gasoline dependency.

Most independent automotive futurists and auto manufacturer sales projections concur, that the oft repeated fairy-tale of replacing 300 million plus gasoline powered vehicles on U.S. roads with electric vehicles in our lifetime is not only an impossibility, but is a diversionary tactic that enables Big Oil's “Divide and Conquer” mantra “there is not one replacement for gasoline” strategy to take our collective eyes off the ball, and allows the status-quo that Big Oil loves (and profits from) to continue as long as possible into the future.

The truth is that today there exists a readily available, sustainable, domestic and clean fuel to replace gasoline, today, not in 10, 20 or 100 years, but now. Now before more heroes have given their lives or limbs to sustain the criminal status-quo, now before we continue to purchase and burn trillions of dollars more of gasoline.

Replace gasoline now and give Americans a realistic option that can defeat Big Oil's Divide and Conquer business plan which facilitates the export of a billion American dollars each day and sends it directly to people who hate our way of life and our freedoms (and are financing the campaign to destroy us), an industry that continues to take a trillion dollars from American driver's pockets every year and out of our economy just when we need it the most.

So we scream with outrage, NOW! Now is the time for every American to tell their representatives in government to wake up, get out from under the thumb of the oil lobby, because we will not take it any more; not now, not ever again, it's time NOW for an American Solution to America's Problem.