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Hey Bunky Use Your Clunky And Buy a New Car For Under $150 Per Month

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SEE: New Cars Under $150 a Month

By Bob Gordon
The Auto Channel

AUTO CENTRAL June 27, 2009: Hey there bunky, you say that you REALLY neeeed a new car but can only afford $150 per month for car payments?

You say that when you went to a car dealer he said that the "black, orange and blue books" don't even list a trade-in value for your old family steed, and then your brother-in-law says he can get the junk yard to give you $75 bucks for it if you clean it up and drop it that what's bothering you bunky?

And now you say your old clunker's back seat floor is so rusted that the car pool kids say they can see the road go by under their feet, and your wife is tired of walking home every night because your neighbors have banned your clunker from the neighborhood...and that you take a bath while driving your clunker in the rain...and that driving your 10 MPG clunker is now costing you more than your that what's troubling ya fella?

Well don't fret cousins...just lift your head up high and get ready to become a HERO to your kids, and a welcomed friend once again to you neighbors, and a champion for old mother earth...

Because it's true sport, your old "worth nothing" JUNKER has been transformed into a CLUNKER that is now worth $4500 as a turn-in when buying a NEW qualifying Cash For Clunker car...yes sugar now you can really own a brand new car for less than $150 per month...

So it's time to lift your head up high and take a walk in the sun with dignity and stick-to-it-ness and ya show the world, ya show the world where to get off. You'll never give up, never give up, never give up...that ship! Thank you Old Philosopher

To see new car for under $150 bucks per month CLICK HERE, and smile

Then follow TACH's 4 Steps to Becoming a Smart Car Buyer before you even think about buying...

To check out the latest from the C.A.R.S. Clunker program Click Here...then get ready to turn-in your clunker, collect all the loose change in the seats, take it to a friendly new car dealer and finally have a fun drive!

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