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The Economy Will Not... REPEAT NOT... Rebound This Year - REVISITED


By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sadly, I was correct in June 2009 when I stated that there would be no recovery by the end of that year, or even the next. Auto sales are down; new home sales are down, pre-owned home sales are down; the banks have more money than they know what to do with and yet those small businesses that have found business magic can’t borrow to expand their company; family medical costs are going up; medical insurance rates are skyrocketing; unemployment is up; our highways and local roads are getting repaired but fewer and fewer Americans can afford to go anywhere.

So how come a simple little guy from Brooklyn sees the truth while our elected officials, the big boys and girls in the corner offices and those experts on the government dole can not see or admit that they just didn’t know how to get our economy moving in the right (and I don’t mean "Tea Party Right") direction. In truth, it didn't require a crystal ball to make my dire prediction back then, it only required an honest, business-savvy appraisal of the situation, something we never get (got) from Congress or the Administration. Unfortunately, no steps (along the lines set forth below) have yet been taken since the article below was written. So chances are that we will be re-publishing this again next year which will make for lots more depressed and pissed off Americans.

I guess the only way the self-serving politicians and bureaucrats will have the balls to buck Big Oil's tampering and mandate a change to replace the status-quo is when the oil money runs out (never) or when there is a revolution.

Originally published June 5, 2009

There are preposterous and irresponsible predictions circulating around the moronic news channels and daily newspapers these days that the so-called recession (or as I more accurately describe it, Depression) will be over by the end of this year.

It will never happen.

The sources for the forecasts are the puffed-hair (and in at least one instance no-hair) financial pundolts on CNN and Fox, along with the fools that have now been put into place to run the U.S. Treasury and government commissions.

These prognostications may be just limp-wristed attempts to lift our morale, but in the end the efforts will simply make the pain more unbearable when no relief comes by Christmas? And the great danger, of course, is that with this false hope we will do nothing; or to be more precise, not push our elected representatives to do anything to end the depression within a realistic time frame. For example, we’ve already lost nearly a year since the price of gasoline declined from the impossible point it was at last summer. For the past several weeks the price has begun to climb again, and again there is no reason for it to happen outside of greed on the part of OPEC and the oil companies. The oil pirates see that nothing has changed in Washington; there are no plans to curtail our reliance on gasoline; so the price of gasoline is going back up.

The reason I say that the depression will NOT end this year is because there is no reason for it to do so. For the financial picture to change we need a stimulus… no, not the kind of stimulus where we hand out trillions of dollars to someone’s second cousin’s best friend, in the way that the incompetents in Congress have been doing. This just sustains the pattern of malfeasance and misconduct on Wall Street and in the banking community that we’ve become accustomed to.

We need real stimulation that actually gives consumers and large scale-users new technologies and products that will truly make their life more efficient, economical, and healthier; while creating significant well-paying jobs. The new technologies and products could come in a variety of different fields, i.e., communications, medical or electronics. But the only sector that can currently offer anything promising in the relevant future is alternative energy and fuel. Real progress in this area is our only salvation, and even then it will not end the depression by this year’s end.

Last August (2008), during his run for the Democratic nomination, Barak Obama made some big statements in his nationally televised energy speech, which included bold moves into alternative energies and fuels. However, since coming into office he has done nothing, except for an insipid panty-waist change to the CAFE standards, to back up his promises. In fact, in cozying up to our enemies in the Middle East (who just happen to control the oil/gasoline industry), you know that Obama will not do anything to upset them, such as placing prohibitions on the use and sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles.

So instead of a JFK-style “we-will-land-a-man-on-the-moon” national mandate, we have a great big nothing. We are set to only experience financial recovery when things get so bad that they just can’t get any worse; and that bottoming out point is probably still two or three years away, which would make a serious recovery at least four or five years in the furure. In the meantime, and for many, many years to come, we will continue to be addicted to oil and to be subjected to unreasonable price fluctuations.

If you’d like to know what could and should be happening read the paper I published in June 2008: NO NEW GASOLINE-POWERED VEHICLES IN THE U.S. BY 2014...Can It Be Done?

ANOTHER EDITOR'S NOTE: It's time to get angry America; rip-roaring, ass-kicking, tar & feathering angry. To watch a rather fascinating video of Steve (Las Vegas) Wynn in May 2010 sounding off on Washington incompetence CLICK HERE.

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