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U.S. Auto Energy Policy Needs Bold; President Obama Gives Us Same Old

Energy Policy Future -
	Opportunity Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (select to view enlarged photo)
Energy Policy Future - Opportunity Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Publishers Note: This article was originally posted on May 19, 2009, with today's news that reports that the Japanese Car Makers are already in tune with the "new higher" CAFE mileage requirements I thought you might like to see just how far Mr. Obama is off concerning the future of mobile fuels.

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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-founder
The Auto Channel

LOUISVILLE, KY - May 19, 2009: President Obama, our fearless (we hoped) new leader, the guy who said "Yes We Can" apparently just can’t when it comes to our antiquated and destructive energy policy! His "new" energy policy could have been authored by our former administration.

Yes I am angry, upset and feel betrayed, apparently taking on the oil gang is just too tough, even for a street kid from Chicago.

When President Obama was campaigning for our votes and hearts, he called for doubling fuel economy standards by 2027 to a combined fleet-wide average of 50 mpg. (Click for original article)

Although The Auto Channel editorial board thought that his goal was way short of what is actually needed to free ourselves and our children and grandchildren from our oil masters, we applauded his then big step vision, while hoping that he would soon see the light and benefits of a realistically reached gasoline free society.

In an energy policy speech Senator Obama used an analogy of the 1960’s U.S. effort to place a man on the moon in 10 years as the same impetus needed to put in place a sane and prudent energy policy for our oil held hostage country.

"When John F. Kennedy decided that we were going to put a man on the moon, he didn't put a bounty out for some rocket scientist to win - he put the full resources of the United States government behind the project and called on the ingenuity and innovation of the American people. That's the kind of effort we need to achieve energy independence in this country, and nothing less will do." the then junior senator from Illionois said in a campaign speech in Las Vegas.

That was then and this is now.

Mr. Obama’s “new” energy policy announced today would force car companies to raise the CAFÉ average from 25 MPG to 35.5 MPG a goal that is not only easily attainable but truly worthless if we are to become energy independent, and worst of all it takes the air out of the tires of a (formerly) growing groundswell for a worthwhile and meaningful mobile energy policy and deflates it with today’s minimalist demands…no wonder the car companies and status quo-niks are praising it..

Unlike President Kennedy’s call for a bold collective action by American industry and its citizens to reach a goal, Mr. Obama’s “new” energy policy is more of the same old pandering to those that were not only opposed his election, but will continue to benefit from this impotent vision of our countries energy future.

This "new" wimpy energy policy has squandered two opportunities, to both energize our citizens and force our owned automobile industry to cut the crap and once again design and build cars that create a passion and desire to buy a new car.

So we believe that this bla energy policy will be responsible for a double will allow the status-quo to continue with very minor improvements and it eliminates a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an automotive revolution by forcing car companies to build cars that people really want to buy, hey another 10 MPG is not a viable reason for any intelligent person to give up a perfectly serviceable and paid for personal vehicle to buy another.

Our country's car buyers are poised waiting for real benefits and a reawakened passion for a new car, but this "new" energy policy misses the point! If our car companies offer cars that people want to buy, we can not only keep our existing auto plants open and American auto workers employed, but will enjoy a renaissance of auto manufacturing here in the U.S.

More than ever we are in dire need of a new and far reaching energy policy that makes it mandatory to use alternative fuels, not only to eliminate our dependence on oil, but provide our creative auto designers and engineers with new platforms on which to build cars and trucks that we will all have the "hots" for, this new found desire will help take our wonderful country and the world to the nirvana of sustainable energy.

Oh well, I really thought President Obama had the intelligence and chops to force the needed changes…ah maybe next time, maybe next time.

Let us know what you think -