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Cash for Clunkers A Start - But Converting 192 Million Existing Vehicles To Flex Fuel-E85 Will Really Solve Our Problems

What's The Problem Here?

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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-founder
The Auto Channel

The Auto Channel is and has been the champion of the many flavors of sustainable Electric Vehicles as the best solution for future mobility needs. In fact we advocate the total elimination of new gasoline powered vehicles in the U.S. after 2014.

We see a future with many varieties of enhanced Electric Vehicles; from 100% Battery to Plug-ins to Electric Hybrids enhanced with on- board internal combustion engines powered by CNG, Propane, Ethanol; Bio-diesel, Fuel Cells; Hydrogen and/or whatever great minds can come up with, each model and drive train designed to meet the specific driving needs and wants of a passionate auto centric citizenry, EV-Motoring is our future.…

BUT that doesn’t address the fact that on our roads today there are almost 200 million cars and trucks over-dependent on imported oil with each spewing out noxious fumes that are killing our world and its EV's and long term views aside, we must initiate a logical bold solution now.

So why just “Cash For Clunkers” when a massive E85 Conversion and Retrofit of 100 million existing vehicles will cut total gasoline use By 65% and Oil Imports By 100%

When U.S. drivers can use “Born in the U.S.A.” ethanol it will eliminate ALL IMPORTED OIL and reduce all gasoline use by why is the U.S. Government just screwing around with the $5 billion dollar Cash for Clunkers program.

While researching this editorial position I discussed the question with “a guy who really knows”, Ted Chipner a car guy and patriot who has served our country in many capacities over his lifetime, in both the military and in government service and has now made himself into a lightning rod for change.

Ted heads up Ohio BioSystems Cooperative (1) , a citizen group located in the heart of America, a group that understands that using sustainable fuel that is made here and brewed and distributed here in the U.S. can change our world for the better in many, many ways…

Ted and his band of mighty warriors are fighting misconceptions, lies and mis-truths among the entrenched powers that be. They and others are battling to make us aware of this relatively easy, technologically feasible and economically manageable path to oil independence, while having a positive effect on our earths ecology.

Ok, so what did Ted tell me:

  • There are 199 million EFI equipped cars on the U.S. roads

  • 7 Million of the are already Flex Fuel compatible

  • Leaving 192 million cars and trucks waiting to do the right thing. (2)

  • At worst a full blown conversion will cost up to $1000, and at best cost nothing to allow a vehicle to run on E85, resulting in an 85% oil savings as well as more than a 50% cost reduction to fill-up in time. Estimates are currently 3-5 years.

  • Hay Is Not Only For Horses. Ohio BioSystems Cooperative is pushing for farmers to also grow the future’s progenitor of ethanol, switch grass (no not food stuffs, unless you are a cow), right here in the heart of our country. (3)

  • Grow it; Make it and Use it all here in the good ol’ USA.

So what’s the problem here?

As may of our readers know I have just returned from the AFVI meeting in Orlando where every flavor of Alt Fuels was represented. All involved were enthusiastic about their own solution and almost all were in agreement that our EPA has got to stop hindering change and instead encourage it.

Exhibitors and attendees told me that EPA roadblocks are getting in the way of change in almost all areas of Alt Fuel research and implementation…come on Mr. President get those bureaucrats on the same page as our scientists, mechanics and other patriots.

Seems like a good plan to me!

What do you think? Let me

Editors Notes:

Ohio BioSystems Cooperative, Inc

(1) OBSC is an Ohio not-for-profit, we have filed this way because to US this is specifically NOT about MONEY; it is about our Grand and great-grand children and what we are currently leaving them – a big mess! Some of those warriors you mentioned have multiple PhDs. So this isn’t just a “shade-tree mechanic” spouting off (me) in ‘Podunk’ Ohio. We have Biology and BioEngineers, IT people, Politicians, Bankers, Universities across the country and other Local, State and Federal people who know, understand and see the value in what has been assembled in the NTEP. OBSC has researched, developed and is now fostering the “NTEP” as the solution which takes a seriously pragmatic look at “exactly where we all are” – no rose colored glasses here.

At this moment, we are trying to grow this program (NTEP) into a nationalized one with John and Jane Q. Public’s help and support – this will take ALL of US (U.S.) to push the NTEP. What comes to mind in this aspect is when the American Public stood up and said “NO” to a country in the Middle East when the U.S. Government wanted to turn over the management of our ports to them. I was one of those people who “hammered” the Whitehouse, Congress and the Press regarding this.

Strongly written emails & telephone calls every day. Right now we need that kind of volunteer help with web development, but significantly more important is the distinct need for grant writing and submission – there is literally a ton of grant submissions OBSC needs to accomplish in the next 90 days and these relate directly to EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act Of 2007) and the six projects of the NTEP that will get US there.

(2) Meanwhile back at the ranch we need to find out in an absolute sense relative to the 192 million EFI vehicles that is possible to covert and retrofit which is OBSC’s National Transportation Energy Program (NTEP), Project I – E85 Conversion and Retrofit.

(3) For those who do not know, switchgrass is a “hay” and has been fed to cattle in the U.S. for a very long time. Switchgrass tests are approaching 10 fold of current acid hydrolysis methods published by NREL or nearly 1,000 gallons per acre @ 6-10 tons an acre with a three-year maturity. However, the ten-fold process is only on a bench scale in which Bermuda grass was tested. A pilot scale has been built and must be tested further. So we are not there yet. Next step, full scale production. Cellulosic as opposed to Corn ethanol is better because corn does not cut-it across the board; yields & carbon footprint are less greater & respectively Cellulosic over Corn. As such the “liquid” fuel we MUST produce for cause (foreign oil imports) must be cellulosic materials.