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Dave Redinger - The Neighbourhood Mechanic

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Dave is a licensed auto mechanic with over 40 years in the trade. For the past 24 years he has operated Dr. H. Honda Specialists in Etobcoke Toronto). Dave the neighborhood mechanic can be heard answering his neighbors car questions on AM740 radio each Saturday at 9 AM. Some of these conversations will also be published weekly here on The Auto Channel

October 12, 2005

First Dave’s Ditty:
Most Vehicles use oil. It’s not usual to add a litre between changes. Get into the habit of checking the oil after two or three fill-ups. Here’s a tip: the area between the two lines on the dip stick represents 1 litre of oil. The oil level should be between these two marks. If the oil is dirty it’s time for a change. .

Hello Dave
I have a 1988 Chevy Van with 84,000 miles on it. Recently, I've been hearing two quick clicking noises when starting it. I hear the noises while the engine is starting up/turning over. The van has been starting up just fine, and everything seems normal, aside from the clicking. I don't hear the clicking when the truck is running. Any ideas?

Sounds as if you’re developing a crack in the flywheel...the noise will get worse as the crack spreads Try and remove the converter shielding and see if you can pin point the sound. ..only solution here would be to remove transmission and replace the flywheel.

Hi Dave.
Lately when I go to drive my car it starts, then about five minutes later it stops. All electricity is cut off. I turn the ignition off and wait about 30 seconds and all the electricity comes back on. It does this all the time so I keep doing the same thing as I drive, can you HELP?

This type of repair is almost impossible to diagnose without access to the car. If were to hazard a guess I would look into the ignition switch ...Sounds as if it's worn and over heating, this would cause the contacts to loose their continuity. Have the vehicle scanned by a competent technician. Be patient electrical problems are hard to find.

Dave Redinger will answer questions from viewers each week, to ask you can e-mail dave at stikky@ca, or go to

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