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January 7, 2001
"Biker resolution & Conditioning"
What goals are you setting for 2001? Here at Open Road Radio , we're ssetting `em pretty high. Goals for you, your bike, your future. Maybe a new make over for the the ole' bod? Maybe a new look for the scoot? A putt in uncharted terrritory, or a new direction for your career? Kicking off the New Year here at Open Road Radio. We're discussing the cool things we're focused on and we want to know what your aspirations are. Make a commitment to tune in - to tune up for 2001! Open Road Radio would like to thank our sponsors ; The Tool Store, IL. H-D., Expert Cycle, Millennium Gym, Fitch Fuel, S&S Cycle, Andrews Cam, Dowco, Progressive Suspension, Sharper Image, Biker's Choice, Easyrider Mag, & Barnett Tool & Engineering
January 14, 2001
Do loud pipes save lives, or do they risk rights? Tune in to hear all sides of the issue, advantages vs. disadvantages, from technical to political to safety through conspicuity, from the experts in the industry. Don't hesitate to call in with you comments as well!
January 21, 2000
Biking Battle of the Sexes!
What are the differences in the way men and women ride, and how do these differences make you crazy? Men and women face off and tell it like it is.

January 28, 2001
Bike Shop Blues:
Hear from the guys who repair your beast, listen to your whining, and are stuck at work all summer while you're out riding. Some well-chosen bike shop spokespeople will cry the bike shop blues with some humorous anecdotes about customers from hell.
February 4, 2001
Cycle World Show:
On tonight's show promoter Larry Huffman gives us a preview of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show coming to Chicago next weekend. We'll also talk to Ricky Gadsen, who placed #2 in Pro-Superbike and #2 in 600 Supersport in the drag race circuit in 2000, and will be at the Cycle Show signing autographs. Doug Polen, 1991 and 1992 World Superbike Champion, 1993 AMA Superbike Champion, and 1997 and 1998 World Endurance Championship, will also be at the Cycle Show, and joins us also by phone. So tune in and find out why you shouldn't miss the Cycle Show this February!
February 11, 2000
Biker Love
Biker Love is our theme tonight. If you're a Lonely Heart tune in and call in, and we'll put you on the air to tell what you're looking for in a perfect mate and motorcycling partner. Warning: if a match should occur from your appeal during this show, your firstborn belongs to Open Road Radio. Also, if you've been unfaithful to your motorcycle, confess on the air and tell us what you cheated with, and how great or awful it was!

February 18, 2001
Pre-empted due to local ball game
February 25, 2001
Winter Wheels:
Like to ride in the winter? Want to know about other winter sports? Ride vicariously or pick up tips on winter riding with the crazies, er, enthusiasts who just can't stay out of the garage this time of year. And if you've ever wondered about winter powersports, we'll explore those avenues too. So air out your mukluks and steam some cocoa, cuz we're going for a ride!
March 4, 2000
Kris Tigerlady will be in the studio to help ORR review the new bikes on display at the IMS. We'll also talk to some of the manufacturers on the design and philosophy behind the most exciting new models for 2001. Call in with your opinions, too!

March 11, 2001
Archive of this weeks show delayed
March 18, 2001
OK, so cabin fever's been getting to you in the upper half of the lower 48. What's a rabid biker to do? You could turn to snowmobiles and ATVs, or bite the bullet and ride year round. We'll have special guests on the topics of gear and accessories for safe and warm winter toodling, and snowmobiling for those who want to try something new.
March 25, 2000
You've got to be a fossil or afraid of technology to not be on the Internet by now. But if you're a biker, technology should be right up your alley, so we'll give you some incentives for cybercycling. Learn how the Internet can improve your motorcycling pleasure by providing new outlets for fun, information, and two-wheeled friends. To include a special report by Kris TigerLady as well as guests from a sampling of biking web sites.

April 1, 2001
What's so funny about motorcycling? ORR believes if you ride you've got a sense of humor. Tune in for the latest skewered industry news, as well as uncomfirmed rumors and innuendo on motorcycling celebrities. Take a poke at 'em yourself and call in with your latest hearsay!
April 8, 2001
Mike Seate, IronWorks columnist and author of Two Wheels on Two Reels, guest hosts this installment of ORR. Tune in for Mike's choice picks of bad B biker flicks, and call in with your fave. Also guest celebs!
April 15, 2001
Happy Easter!
Or, happy tax day. We'll give you tips on how to spend your entire tax refund on motorcycle accessories.

April 22, 2001
Earth Day - Motorcyclists know what to do on Earth Day.
April 29, 2001
You don’t have to be a geezer to enjoy vintage motorcycles.
May 6, 2001
It's Nurses Day, and so, logically, our topic is EXTREME SPORTS. Why? Cuz the guys and gals who perform these wild and crazy stunts see more than their share of nurses, and we don't mean like in a date situation. So tune in and find out who's doing the Nac-Nac, Can-Can, and Coffin, what that means, and why they risk life and limb to do unnatural acts on moving motorcycles.

May 13, 2001
It's Mom's Day, and so we're honoring women on bikes. We'll be profiling women in the industry, those who ride fast and tight, and motorcycling moms. Does your mom ride a bike? Were you inspired to ride by a woman? Call and tell us about her. 1-800-298-8255 (7-8 pm) and 1-630-434-9901 (8-9 pm). Panzer Motorcycle Works and Ideal Ride featured sponsores of this weeks program.
May 20, 2001
DUCKS AND GEESE AND OTHER EYE-TALIAN MARQUES We've decided it's Italian Appreciation Day, so expect to hear names like Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Lah'verda, Aprilia, Aermacchi, and others bandied about. We'll also have representatives from some of the Italian bike owners clubs to reveal what the buzz is all about. Eh-geroooovy!
May 27, 2001
Memorial Day weekend at last, and you're probably heading out for your first group ride of the season. Our topic tonight is THE ULTIMATE GROUP RIDE: MOTORCYCLE DRILL TEAMS!!! Find out how hairy group riding can really get from featured drill team guests. And remember: don't do these manuevers at home!

June 3, 2001
"Super Motards" - part one
What wild, wacky inventions have you projected onto your bike to change your bike's reputation? Have you turned your bike into a motocross dresser lately? Tonite we'll speak with some of the coolest and oddest motards around that just might make you a super motard extremist!! Industry experts chime in the fun as we go Super Motarding!!
June 10, 2001
"Radical Customs" - part two
Boys and their toys!! Jesse James, Arleen Ness, Paul Yaffe, Mike Berg, The Martin Brothers, Choppers Inc., Johnny Pag Creations, Hot Rods & Hogs! There's a bunch of radical bike builders out there. What makes `em pull the guts out of their scooters and start fabricating from the ground up? Find out tonite as we get the skinny on these masters of motorcycle manipulation.
June 17, 2001
"Big Daddy"
It's Dad's Day so we're honoring men on wheels…er motorcycle wheels of Course! We'll be profiling men in the industry and those who ride fast and hard. Did you learn how to ride from your father or father's father? Have any great old time motorcycle stories to share? Give us a call tonite to discuss your pops and tales! Call 1-800-298-8255. (7-8 pm) and 630-464-9901 (8-9pm)

June 24, 2001
"Motorcycle Clubs"
Lots of great clubs and organizations out there! Are you part of one yet? No better way to get a good dose of camaraderie than getting involved in your local motorcycle club/organization... what have you. And hey most of these clubs do great charitable events in the name of bikers! Listen in to get the full scoop on clubs you might already know of and some you may have never heard of.
July 1, 2001
"Super Motards" - part two
What wild, wacky inventions have you projected onto your bike to change your bike's reputation? Have you turned your bike into a motocross dresser lately? Tonite we'll speak with some of the coolest and oddest motards around that just might make you a super motard extremist!! Industry experts chime in the fun as we go Super Motarding!!
July 8, 2001
"Freedom Rings!"
Lots of great organizations out there that fight every day to alow you to ride your motorcycle freely. Are you part of one yet? No better way to keep you independence than getting involved in a motorcycle rights group.

July 15, 2001
"Rally Bound Sturgis Preview"
Probably one of the largest rallies of the years will be this year’s Sturgis Bike Week. It's the 61st anniversary, and tonight well previewing all the upcoming events, races, shows, demo rides, museums, cool guy stuff and various hooligan shenanigans.
July 22, 2001
"Celebrating Women In Motorcycling"
This year’s National Rally theme of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America in Wauseon is: Celebrating Women in Motorcycling. Gina will be traveling back from Ohio and have lots of info available on this year’s event. We thought this would be a fine time to highlight the industry’s fastest growing segment of riders - women.
July 29, 2001
"Mad Sunday"
Our free-for-all Sunday that invites you the listener to shout out what pisses you off about Motorcycling: products, performance, legislation, events or even the Open Road Radio show call in at 1-800-298-8255 from 7-8 pm. And 1-630-434-9901 from 8-9 pm.

August 5, 2001
"Live Broadcast from Sturgis"
Open Road Radio transmits the party directly to you LIVE from the Broken Spoke Saloon Sunday August 5th. The show includes live celebrity riders like: Ralph Tamm; Kansas City Chiefs, Jody Johnson; Seattle Seahawks, Jim Jenson; Denver Broncos, David Diaz-Infante; Denver Broncos, Jason Childs; Seattle Seahawks, Robb Nelson; Dallas Cowboys, Gary Zimmerman; Denver Broncos, Scott Adams; Atlanta Falcons and XFL San Francisco Demons, Tony Twist; NHL Alumni.
August 12, 2001
"Mid Season Maintenance"
It’s turning into a long hot riding season here in the Midwest and you know what that means... mid season check -up time. Your bike’s been rode hard (hopefully) and probably put away wet with our rainy weather lately. If you want to get more miles on your ride this season, now is a good midway point for some TLC. In this program we’ll speak with industry experts on the best tips to maintain your bike and feature some helpful products to get it there!
August 26, 2001
The big races are coming up - The Vintage Races in Davenport and the Springfield Mile both over the Labor Day weekend. We’ll preview and highlight these events, check in on Formula USA events and other major racing of the year as well as recap last week’s TT races in Peoria. Celebrity racing interviews and Industry experts as well as products will be featured. Call in with your comments 7-8PM ET(1-800-298-8255) or 8-9PM ET (1-630-434-9901). We’re waiting to hear from you!

September 2, 2001
Pre-recorded Show - Labor Day Weekend
We’ve been talking to you guys out there and now we’re going riding! Our show this evening is a lot of yous… pre-taped! In our travels over the last month or so we’ve been talking with you the biker to find out where you’re going, what your doing, who your doing it with etc. Should make for some fun tuning in! Enjoy the Holiday weekend, keep the rubber side down and be safe out there!
September 9, 2001
“On the Auction Block”
(Sotheby’s, eBay)
September 16, 2001
Live Broadcast Iggy’s

September 23, 2001
"Fall Touring/maintenance"
September 9, 2001
" New Models for 2002"
October 7, 2001
“ New Models for 2002” Part II
All the big names in motorcycling and more as we continue our discussion of the new models for 2002. Call in with your comments 7-8 pm 1-800-298-8255 & 8-9 pm call 1-630-434-9901

October 14, 2001
October 21, 2001
October 28, 2001

November 4, 2001
November 11, 2001
November 18, 2001

November 25, 2001
December 2, 2001
December 9, 2001

December 30, 2001

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