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"Open Road Radio", hosted by Gina Woods, Dan Schmitt and Jim Viverito, is a two hour weekly program focused on various aspects of motorcycling.
New programs air Sunday at 8pm Eastern Time
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January 7, 2001
"Biker resolution & Conditioning"
What goals are you setting for 2001? Here at Open Road Radio , we're ssetting `em pretty high. Goals for you, your bike, your future. Maybe a new make over for the the ole' bod? Maybe a new look for the scoot? A putt in uncharted terrritory, or a new direction for your career? Kicking off the New Year here at Open Road Radio. We're discussing the cool things we're focused on and we want to know what your aspirations are. Make a commitment to tune in - to tune up for 2001! Open Road Radio would like to thank our sponsors ; The Tool Store, IL. H-D., Expert Cycle, Millennium Gym, Fitch Fuel, S&S Cycle, Andrews Cam, Dowco, Progressive Suspension, Sharper Image, Biker's Choice, Easyrider Mag, & Barnett Tool & Engineering

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