Compare 2006 Hybrids - Honda Civic Vs Toyota Prius. Just one of the many things possible with the 4-Car Compar-A-Graph!

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"Open Road Radio", hosted by Gina Woods, Dan Schmitt and Jim Viverito, is a two hour weekly program focused on various aspects of motorcycling.
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December 10, 2000

"New Products 2001"
What's new in the Industry? What's out there to make you a safe, skilled, & sufficient rider? What's out there to make yours a lean, mean, motorcycle machine? We'll compare notes and showcase some of the new products for 2001 and review what we already know… Keep those Jingles coming in our Biker Holiday Jingle Contest (see Dec.3rd for details) Call in with comment to Open Road Radio at 1-800-825 TALK or 630-434-9901. Open Road Radio is heard nationwide through the Talk America Radio Network.

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