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"Open Road Radio", hosted by Gina Woods, Dan Schmitt and Jim Viverito, is a two hour weekly program focused on various aspects of motorcycling.
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July 9, 2000

"Trick Riding; Wheelies & Stoppies"
This show is for you Moto X, extreme and stunt enthusiasts! We'll talk with the (crazies) people that put these shows on, spectators and the folks that capture it on film. Do not try this at home! (or at least don't get caught) Debbie Evans of famed Mission Impossible stunt rider joins us to speak of her adventures as a stunt woman for the past 23 years, also Moto Video suppliers of insane motorcycle races, crashes and dare devilish antics joins us to talk cycle stunts! Special guests tba. We've added a new sponsor - AMA Women's Conference 2000. This year Gina & Elaine are taking the trip to be part of this special event. Listen to the show for more details or contact: WWW.AMA-CYCLE.ORG Call in with your comments at 312-591-9254

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