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1995 is a model enhancement year for Cadillac. In the three previous years Cadillac's entire line of products have been redesigned. This year most of the improvements have been made under the skin. These changes add yet more comfort, control, performance and safety, and while not all are visible, they are important to the driver and passengers.

Cadillac has been a luxury car line since it was first introduced over 90 years ago, and has been building V-8 engines for eighty years. In 1992 it installed the Northstar engine in the Allante. This engine was the first dual overhead cam, 32 valve, fuel injected V8 engine designed and built in the US for the US market. For 1995 all front-wheel drive Cadillacs utilize the Northstar System. This system includes not only the V8 engine, but electronically coordinates it with the transmission, steering, suspension and brakes. Cadillac is so sure of the quality and durability of the System that the powertrain (engine and transmission) only requires tuneup servicing every 100,000 miles. A powertrain control module makes it possible to utilize a distributor-less ignition to keep the engine in peak tune. A Hydra-matic four-speed automatic transmission is electronically controlled and is linked to the engine with a viscous converter clutch for smooth operation. Road Sensing Suspension hardware is linked to the Integrated Chassis Control System, the speed sensitive steering, full-speed traction control, and anti-lock bakes are all electronically coordinated to ensure a smooth, controlled ride with added safety by antilock brakes, disc brakes and traction control.

Cadillac believes that its 1995 models are Creating a Higher Standard.

APPEARANCE: The Seville Luxury Sedan retains its big-car look. It is adorned with a monochrome paint finish and highlighted by Cadillac's trademark shiny cross-hatch grille, bright alloy wheels, side window trim and all-around side rub strip and bumper trim. The familiar wreath-and-crest medallion is conspicuously mounted on the hood. Dual twin exhaust pipes hint at its Northstar power.

COMFORT: The SLS is quietly elegant and loaded with luxury. It is fitted with many conveniences that make it comfortable to drive whether across the town, or across the country. Among the items are leather seating, six-way power front seats, power lumbar support, a sensitive Delco-Bose Gold sound system with AM/FM/CD/cassette, a quiet and efficient electronic climate control system, electronic compass, and Zebrano wood trim. Everything blends together with class and one can drive or ride in quiet luxury with the cabin at the right temperature and with quality sound. Other features include a driver information center, front and rear seat consoles, cup holders, remote keyless entry, wide- opening doors for easy access, and a rear deck-lid automatic pull-down for the large, flat, low-liftover trunk. Naturally, power windows, side mirrors and door locks are remote controlled.

SAFETY: Cadillac is sold on safety. Its 1995 models are fitted with dual airbags in front, adjustable shoulder height for front seat belts, safety cage construction incorporated with front and rear crush zones, and child safety features. Other safety items are anti-lockout, automatic door locking and unlocking, remote keyless entry and Pass-Key II theft deterrent.

ROADABILITY: The Seville Luxury Sedan lives up to its name in providing a smooth, elegant highway, city and backroad ride on a variety of road surface and weather conditions. Modern suspension technology combined with computerized management almost instantly make the required changes to the various components in the Northstar System that control its steering, braking, and suspension. The SLS power train and the other components of the Northstar System, as well as the Michelin XW4 P225/60R all-season tire are basically tuned to provide a smooth, soft ride that is quiet and controlled. It is designed to appeal to the mature driver who prefers quiet comfort over performance. Wind, road and tire noise are practically nil, and all-around vision is excellent.

PERFORMANCE: Because it is designed for people who desire a more traditional American luxury car than the European-inspired Seville Touring Sedan, the Seville Luxury Sedan is a bit softer in its suspension calibration. The engine in the SLS is tuned for low-speed torque; that of the STS is tuned for open-road power. They are both fine machines and not nearly as different as specifications might indicate. If anything, the torquier SLS works better around town and in typical American traffic. The STS incarnation is better suited to open highways and byways. Either is completely comparable to the finest luxury sedans from Europe and Japan and a joy to drive.

CONCLUSION: The 1995 Seville Luxury Sedan exemplfies Cadillac's Higher Standard program.


       Base Price             $  41,935  
       Price As Tested        $  45,842
       Engine Type            V-8, dohc - 32v, tpfi *
       Engine Size            4.6 liter/279 cid        
       Horsepower             275 @ 5600  
       Torque (ft/lbs)        300 @ 4000 
       Wheelbase/Length       111"/204"
       Transmission           four-speed ECautomatic w/overdrive
       Curb Weight            3840  
       Pounds per Horsepower  14
       Fuel Capacity          20
       Fuel Requirement       Unleaded premium (91 oct)              
       Tires                  Michelin XW4 P225/60R16 m+s
       Brakes                 antilock-standard   vented disc/disc 
       Drive Train            Front engine/front drive 
       * tpfi  - tuned port fuel injection
       EPA Economy - miles per gallon   
         city/highway/observed        16/25/21.1
       0 to 60 mph                    7.5 sec 
       1/4 mi (E.T.)                  16.6 sec 
       Coefficient of Drag  (Cd)      .33