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1996 Windstar GL

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A Fulmer family review


Mark Fulmer, Editor In Chief, The Auto Channel

Susan Fulmer, School Counselor

Kathleen Fulmer, 8th grade student

Susan: I think the Windstar looks great on the outside, good lines, real sleek good looks. The deep forest green is a very nice color, too.

Mark: I agree. Modern, but not too much.

Susan: I like the fact that it's just the right height. It's very easy to get into and not look like you're either mounting a horse or cramming into a bobsled.

Mark: And once you're in, it's a pretty comfortable ride. We packed up a computer from the office (The Auto Channel) and took it out to Sears Point for the Western Journalists event, and the trip was effortless. I particularly appreciated the excellent visibility afforded by a dahboard mounted lower than most.

Susan: The climate controls are simple, but what's more important, they really cool down the van and work well even when the engine is working hard.

Katie: The back seats are very comfortable, and I really love having my own controls to the air conditioning and the music system.

Mark: It's about your music...

Katie: But you don't even have to hear my very cool music, because I've got my own headset jacks - and I don't have to listen to your old-timey stuff, either!

Susan: When we did some night driving, we found that the "personalized" lighting for each seating are was very good.

Mark: On the performance side, I thought the Windstar handled way above average, with a firm feel in the curves, much better than the "boat-y" sway found in some other vans. The power was there when you needed it, but it was not overpowered which undoubtedly helped in the mileage numbers.

Susan: A completely enjoyable van!

Katie: I want this van!

Mark: Congrats, Ford, you've got a Fulmer Family winner!

Windstar Wagon GL Specs

Wheel Base




Front Tread

Rear Tread


MPG (City)

MPG (Highway)

Wheel Covers - Full, plastic sport wheelcover
with center Ford badge
(15" x 5.5")

P205/70Rx15 BSW

3-Door Wagon

144 cu.ft. - rear seats removed;
22.1 cu.ft. - behind 3rd seat

Passengerv 7 Transmission
4-speed automatic electronic
with overdrive lockout

Rack-and-pinion, power assist

4 wheel ABS, front disc, rear drum

Engine Type
3.0L SEFI V-6

9.3 : 1

Fuel System
Sequential electronic fuel injection

Tank Capacity
20.0 Gallons

Base Price: $20,145
Price as Tested: $24,105