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We have all heard about "America's love affair with the automobile," and many of us know about it from the inside out. We wait to see which carmaker will come out with a new model, and look forward to getting a glimpse of it, even if it's on the television.

For years TV commercials have fueled our desires and kept us looking forward to seeing the latest model on the street. Carmakers pay millions of dollars to produce the commercials that will help shape the way we think about new cars as they come out. Often the ads that come out become news items themselves, and in certain cases make more of an impression on us than the cars themselves. Who has forgotten the commercial that urged us to "take the fork in the road"? Which is more memorable, the Cadillac Catera, or the duck that got to kiss Cindy Crawford in the Catera commercial that aired during the Superbowl of 1997? That Catera commercial got yanked quickly because of controversial content, but you can be sure that many more will ensue.

We at The Auto Channel have decided to begin archiving car commercials. Visit this page to see new commercials as they are released. Here, through our use of video-on-demand technology, you will be able to download commercials and watch them off your desktop: start them, stop them, take a closer look. Enjoy them, but don't kick the tires!

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