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Subaru For 2000

By Carey Russ

All-wheel drive specialist Subaru is best-known for its Outback line of "sport-utility wagons" and sedans. Both the Outback and the Legacy upon which it is based have been completely redesigned this year. A sporty new 2.5 RS sedan joins the smaller Impreza line. The Forester has minor changes. All Subarus feature a liquid-cooled horizontally-opposed (boxer) engine and all-wheel drive. For 2000, 24-hour roadside assistance is included.

Outback Wagon and Sedan

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Subaru should feel very flattered. The "all-wheel drive wagon with sport-utility styling cues and added ground clearance" theme started by the Outback is cropping up throughout the auto industry. Remember, it started with Subaru, and Subaru is not resting on its laurels. There's an all-new Outback for 2000. More aggressive styling covers a strengthened chassis with more safety features. It's slightly larger, with increased interior room and a new 165-hp, 2.5-liter boxer engine. 2000 Subaru Outback Wagons are offered in regular and luxury-equipped Limited trim. It the quest for new niches, Subaru has also been selling an Outback- style sedan. Previously called the SUS (Sport-Utility Sedan) it's now the Outback Limited Sedan. As the name suggests, it's the sedan equivalent of the luxurious Outback Limited Wagon, with all of the same improvements.


The third-generation Legacy debuts for those who appreciate Subaru's all-wheel drive handling and versatility, but want a more conventional sedan or wagon than an Outback. The Outback is based on the Legacy, so all of the new features mentioned concerning the Outback apply to the Legacy as well.

Impreza and Outback Sport

The Impreza lineup has a new addition, the 2.5 RS Sedan. Like the existing 2.5 RS Coupe, the new sedan uses the 165-hp, 2.5-liter engine now also found in the Legacy in the smaller Impreza chassis. It's the all-wheel drive alternative in the sport-compact class. Other Impreza models, and the Impreza-based Outback Sport, have only minor changes for 2000.


The most SUV-like Subaru, the Forester, fits between the Outback and Outback Sport in size. It has only minor changes for 2000.

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