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Spring '97 Nike TV Ad
(featuring Seattle baseball star, Ken Griffey Jr. & 1961 Hillman Minx)

by Craig Burlingame, Seattle Mariner Fan & Mighty Minx Owner

It's not every day a 1961 Hillman Minx gets to play stunt double with baseball star Ken Griffey, Jr.

The storyline is simple enough; Seattle Mariners star center-fielder, Ken Griffey, Jr. is knocking home runs out to the cheap seats in the Kingdome. A heckler holds up a big bullseye target and dares Griffey to "Hit it here, Jr." Griffey quickly obliges and proceeds to knock this guy out of his cheap bleacher seat. In retreat, the guy next moves to the Kingdome parking lot and waves the target and is again nailed by a deep shot blasting through the Dome to the parking lot.

Our heckler friend doesn't give up easy and over the next few fast paced frames, we see him challenging Griffey from what would appear to be further and presumably safer distances from the ballpark all over Seattle. He's at the Space Needle, a local hamburger drive-in, Dicks, and finally 35 miles away, heading off towards the foothills of the Cascades in his trusty Series 3 Minx convertible barely outrunning the barrage of baseballs launched by Griffey.

Our heckler may come up short in the "good sense" department, but we can't question his taste in fine motoring vehicles.

This should change once and for all the world's mistaken impression that a Hillman can't get out of its own way. In this ad, it made a great getaway vehicle.

Now if only James Bond used a Minx for his getaway vehicle . . .

Moss Motoring featured a letter and picture from the owner of the 1961 Hillman used in the recent Nike TV ad:

"After reading your last issue where you mentioned British cars on television, I thought I would send you some photos of my own experience.

About three months ago I rented a 1961 Hillman Minx Convertible to the Nike Company for use in a TV commercial. This ad also features baseball great, Ken Griffey Jr., who is seen chasing a heckler in the Hillman. Look for the advert during the 1997 baseball season. Thanks for the great magazine and all the help keeping our cars on the road. By the way it's not very often that these cars actually earn us money instead of using it up-is it?"

-Darren Milsom, Snohomish, Washington

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