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[A. Frankl]
A Word From Andrew:

Hi, This is Andrew Frankl, and welcome to our site.

I am best known for my runs. The first one was pretty exciting as the Russians had all the guns and all I had were two relatively fast legs. This was way back in 1956 when we took them on in Hungary and lost. As a matter of fact there is a joke going round Hungary at present re the American troops which are there waiting to go into Bosnia. "We are glad the Americans are here, shame they are 39 years too late."

The other run I was involved in has slightly more relevance to our site,as it was the Cannonball Run. Not the strictly for pansies one Lap of America nonsense but the real McCoy with lots of radar guns and a bunch of crazies some of whom got from Darien Connecticut to Redondo Beach California in under 34 hours ...I'11 never forget it for a number of reasons, one of which was that we came absolutely last. Still, I got a massive trophy with the inscription "last but not lost", which a highly intelligent lady on the flight back to London mistook for an Oscar.

For reasons far too long to go into, I fell in love with motor racing way back in the 60s and have followed it ever since. The friends I made in those days like Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda are still very much part of the scene and in between race reports I'll tell you some of the funnier aspects of racing back in the days of the Beatles.

Welcome to the site, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together.