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Johnson Controls and LEGO Unveil The 'Ultimate Family Concept Vehicle

8 January 2001

Johnson Controls and LEGO Company Unveil The 'Ultimate Family Concept Vehicle' ;
LEGO InMotion by Johnson Controls Debuts
at 2001 North American International Auto Show

    DETROIT, Jan. 8 What happens when you bring together the
automotive industry's premier supplier of automotive interior systems with one
of the world's leading toy manufacturers? You get the "ultimate family concept
vehicle" -- called LEGO(R) InMotion by Johnson Controls. This one-of-a-kind
concept vehicle made its debut yesterday at Johnson Controls'
display at the 2001 North American International Auto Show at Detroit's Cobo
Center (room D2-15).
    LEGO InMotion by Johnson Controls -- developed through an exclusive
partnership between Johnson Controls and the LEGO Company -- completely
redefines the vehicle interior with more than 50 new features to surprise and
delight consumers. According to the companies, the bold colors and materials
used in the concept express the brand synergies between Johnson Controls and
LEGO. The innovative design was developed based on extensive consumer
research, conducted by Johnson Controls, on what families need and want in
their vehicles.
    "This new concept reflects our company's world-class ability to interpret
consumers' needs and -- along with partners like LEGO -- translate them into
innovative products developed for people in motion," said Bob Ellis, vice
president of product marketing and brand development for Johnson Controls.
    "LEGO InMotion by Johnson Controls is a creative and innovative new
approach to family travel," said Peter Eio, president of LEGO Systems, Inc.
"Parents have long sought to find new and absorbing ways in which to keep
children engaged on long journeys by road. LEGO InMotion incorporates many
unique features that will enhance the travel experience for young families in
an interactive and safe environment. We eagerly look forward to seeing this
new generation of child-friendly vehicles on the road."
    According to Ellis, the front-passenger zone of LEGO InMotion by Johnson
Controls was designed with adults in mind, while the second- and third-row
areas are geared towards children of all ages. For example, the first-row
floor is made of luxurious materials, while the floor in the second and third
rows is comprised of an easy-to-clean, rubber-like material.
    "Recent research shows that children have an impact on their parents'
vehicle purchase decisions, so we combined the comfort and functionality
parents require with the fun kids want," Ellis said.
    To develop the LEGO InMotion by Johnson Controls concept, designers turned
to the company's Consumer Research Group. By conducting extensive consumer
research in the field, the Johnson Controls research team provides consumer
insights that inspire innovation, enhance decision-making and expand the
company's knowledge of end users. The company's recent "Kids 'n Cars" study
provided the foundation to create Lego InMotion by Johnson Controls, an
innovative concept that exceeds the expectations of both children and adults.
    Research will continue to play an important role in this vehicle's future
development. As an extension of research already conducted, the concept will
be featured on LEGO's web site ( ) in a quick time video format
that offers a 360-degree view of interior features. Consumers who visit the
site will provide valuable feedback to Johnson Controls, and help the company
determine the appropriate design and features for future versions of the

    LEGO Go Pad: For Kids on the Move
    The concept vehicle takes rear-seat entertainment to the next level. It
combines Johnson Controls' removable AutoVision(R) video entertainment system
DVD player with the LEGO Go Pad and a LEGO digital camera. A portable, hand-
held digital device, the LEGO Go Pad provides a child-friendly interface for
several functions, including:

    *  DVD control panel -- for playing DVD movies or video games.
    *  Electronic postcard -- providing the ability to create audio and video
postcards from a trip;
    *  Internet access -- for downloading LEGO games and sending camera
images; and
    *  LEGO digital camera -- which activates a screen showing images as seen
through the digital camera's lens;

    A second AutoVision docking station is installed in the liftgate, so that
families can watch movies at rest stops or campgrounds. Those viewing the rear
screen in the liftgate can face rearward in specially designed third row
seating -- which can be adjusted to face forward or rearward in the tailgating
position. The vehicle also features a removable LEGO tent that is attached to
the tailgate area.

    Electronics: For Added Safety, Comfort and Enjoyment
    For adults, the "reconfigurable" first-row overhead console features a
variety of innovative electronic products from Johnson Controls, which add
safety and convenience. They include:

    *  Headline Audio(TM) system, which delivers high-quality sound via eight
compact speakers integrated into the vehicle's headliner and 12 speakers
    *  Hindsight, a unique rear-vision video safety system that enables the
driver to see what is behind the vehicle when backing up;
    *  HomeLink(R) Universal Transceiver, an electronic device that enables a
driver to remotely operate garage doors, gates, home lighting, security and
door-locking systems. It is also able to receive and display tire pressure
information from the PSI(TM) system and control vehicle convenience functions
such as remote keyless entry.
    *  KidCam(TM), a video system that enables front-seat occupants to see
those in the rear, while carrying on a conversation with them;
    *  PSI(TM) (Pressure Sensing Information) system, which uses radio
frequency (RF) technology to continuously monitor pressure in all four tires
and displays the information on a display in the overhead-console or rear-view
    *  TravelCom(TM) intercom system, which enables front-seat occupants to
converse easily with those in the rear, using microphones and the vehicle's
on-board audio system; and
    *  TravelNote(R), an integrated, digital recording/playback device for
storing reminder messages.

    In addition to the electronic features, the reconfigurable overhead
console also features rear-vent switches, a sunglass bin, center fill
speakers, task lighting and a light-emitting-diode (LED) spotlight.

    Seating: For Enhanced Comfort
    The vehicle features a number of unique seating products developed by the
Johnson Controls' ComfortLab(TM). In front, a heated driver's seat offers
Johnson Controls' ComfortRenews(TM) technology. A pair of air bladders --
integrated into the seat cushion -- alternately inflate and deflate to create
a natural, walking-type movement. The periodic and subtle movements keep the
lower body in motion and can aid in increased blood and sinovial fluid
circulation -- which could reduce occupant fatigue, discomfort, aches,
numbness, lower back pain and stiffness.
    The front passenger seat is equipped with the company's
ComfortMassages(TM) technology -- which features a series of electronic
vibrating motors positioned in key areas of the seat to create adjustable
massage rhythms and intensity. Unlike other massage seats, the product focuses
on both the back and the legs, and allows the driver to select the pattern and
intensity that best suits his or her needs.
    The first- and second-row seats are equipped with comfortable, easy-to-
use, four-point restraints. The second-row seating features a child-booster
seat and a flexible side-seat storage area that is removable and replaceable.

    Storage Solutions: For the Ultimate in Organization
    The modular floor console system is interchangeable and can be used in any
of the three rows in the vehicle. It is multifunctional, providing a storage
area, and activity, cooler and tailgating functions. In addition, the console
features a flip-up activity tray that can be secured between the second-row
seats for such activities as playing with LEGO bricks or eating.
    Other family-friendly storage features - located in the doors and quarter
panels -- include:
    *  storage pockets;
    *  removable trash bins;
    *  a removable semi-soft storage bag;
    *  a paper towel dispenser; and
    *  a flip-open storage bin.