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Dateline Detroit: See It For Yourself!

8 January 2001

TACH once again…First’est With The Most’est

    It's Sunday, 6PM here at the Detroit Auto Show’s Michelin Media center, located 
on the third level of Cobo Hall in beautiful downtown Detroit…the pace is 
frantic (at least for some of us)…the Newspaper journalists are hitting 
their laptop keys furiously in order to meet their deadline for tomorrows 
papers…A large financial paper will have 10 inches of copy, A Southern 
California Daily will also have 10 inches and the largest National paper, 
you know the one that is in front of your hotel room door in the morning, 
will feature at least 4 stories and some pictures.…the monthly magazine 
journalists are in deep reflection as to what will be served for dinner at 
the Chrysler or Ford Events…the TV reporters are pushing their editors to 
help them choose the most important 20 seconds from the hour or so of video 
they shot today… to fill that 1 minute budgeted for tonight’s late news… Car 
Point and their 20 plus crew are working madly to live up to their “official 
Web Site of the Show” moniker …and are trying to add to the ONE video they 
have put up so far (although it doesn’t work)… And then there is The Auto 

    Because we respect your automotive enthusiasm and want you to be able to see 
for yourself …exactly what is going on here in Detroit…we go out of our way 
to make sure that you don’t have to get your news already chewed and 
filtered…from hungry reporters watching presentations from companies 
spending the big bucks to show their wares…to only few hundred members s of 
the working press. Now you can see them also!

    You, our gentle (thank you Miss Manners) viewers can watch the complete 
presentations that take place here at Detroit…(and in LA Last week)…At 6:14 
PM you could be watching TACH and viewing today’s presentations from, 
Michelin where they announced that the Bebeban Rally for alternative fuel 
cars will be held here in the States, and then you can watch the whole 
unabridged video from DaimlerCrysler showing off this years concept cars 
(but you can’t share in the lunch… that is only for the working press) and 
then see the new Ford concepts and then the GM concepts…. Whew… and its only 
the first day.

    As an added bonus because we don’t have to fight a foot of snow like in 
1999, the T-1 and 2’s and 3’s blew up and no one else can file their stories 
or down load their files or…yeah yeah that’s it, I guess that’s why 
Microsoft put up only one story (and it don’t work)…

    I am sure proud of our crew of hearty brilliant souls who have allowed our 
little company to make the big guys look like crap…keep up the good work 
guys our day will come…. Now it’s off to Ford for drinks and some food…. We 
never had lunch today …I guess that may have something to do with getting it 
done. Talk to you tomorrow…if you have any questions for any of the Suits, 
just E me I will be happy to ask.

    Yes Keith we are still around, you pompous ass!

Bob  Gordon