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Five quick tips for getting your car ready for winter

10 November 2000

Auto Channel -- Robert Gordon, Co-Publisher


Memphis, Tenn. (November 10, 2000) – Freezing temperatures will soon be in the 
forecast, and studies show three out of four vehicles on the road are vulnerable
to wintertime damage. 

Unfortunately, most vehicle owners don’t realize how damaging last summer’s heat
was to their vehicles. After months left unchecked, antifreeze loses its 
effectiveness, belts and hoses dry out and seasonal temperature changes can make
moisture collect in the fuel system.

"Don’t let this warm autumn fool you," says Lesley Hartney, AutoZone’s vice 
president of communications and training. "The first big winter blast is right 
around the corner, and motorists don’t need to be caught off guard."

Here are five easy steps drivers can take to prepare their cars for the colder 

1. Flush and refill your radiator with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.
2. Check your belts and hoses for signs of wear. Squeeze radiator and heater 
hoses to make sure they’re firm yet flexible, and replace any hose that feels 
mushy or brittle. Also, check the underside of all belts and replace any that 
are cracked. 
3. Use a fuel system dryer to prevent moisture from freezing in your fuel line.
4. Replace your radiator cap and thermostat every three years or 50,000 miles.
5. Check your windshield wiper blades for cracking. Dry, hot summers break down 
the rubber strips in your wiper blades, but they can be easily replaced.

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