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Goodyear Offers Recall Assistance, Warning of Misapplication

25 August 2000

Goodyear Offers Recall Assistance, Warning of Misapplication
    AKRON, Ohio, Aug. 23 Despite the best efforts of tire
companies to supply the market as quickly as possible with replacement tires
for the recalled 6.5 million Firestone ATX, ATXII and Wilderness AT tires,
many consumers seeking replacements may find the tires extremely difficult to
find ... or even end up with the wrong tires on their vehicles.
    Demands from concerned consumers seeking to put any tire in that size on
their vehicles, as long as the size fits, adds apprehension to the supply
issue. That can be a serious mistake according to Goodyear, the world's
largest tire maker.
    Misapplication, or putting the wrong tire in the same size on a vehicle,
may put the passengers of those vehicles at risk. Goodyear, which by the end
of August will have supplied more than 1 million applicable tires in the
affected size to assist the recall, offers these tips to consumers seeking

    * Be an informed vehicle owner and consumer.
    * Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended replacement tire
      information and adhere strictly to those standards.  If the manual
      requires a tire with the designation "P" for p-metric, it should not be
      replaced with an "LT" or light truck tire.
    * Shop at a reputable retailer.  Go to someone you trust who will assist
      you in finding the right tire for the application.

    If you are unable to find a suitable replacement tire for your vehicle,
Goodyear says you should take these precautionary steps until additional tires
reach the retail outlets:

    * Have your tires visually inspected by a professional.  Any reputable
      retailer will do this for you free of charge.  Be advised that the
      visual inspection can only detect what the eye can see, and doesn't mean
      that there are no potential problems.
    * Check your tire inflation pressures once a week to be certain they meet
      with the acceptable vehicle recommendations.  There likely is a
      difference between the maximum inflation listed on the sidewall of the
      tire and what the vehicle manufacturer recommends specifically for that
      vehicle.  Use the vehicle recommendation.
    * Do a walk-around inspection of your tires before driving your vehicle.
    * ALWAYS fasten your seatbelts, and make certain everyone in the vehicle
      has their seatbelt fastened as well.
    * Obey all posted speed limits.
    * Call and reserve a set of replacement tires today.  Goodyear outlets
      will call you as soon as your tires arrive.

    To meet the unprecedented demand for these type tires, Goodyear has
dedicated more than 1,000 associates in eight manufacturing facilities and its
distribution centers solely to producing as many of these tires as possible.
Additionally, it is increasing production of tires to meet this application by
500 percent to assist consumers who want their tires replaced.