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Storing Your Vehicle? Bubble Wrap It!

28 July 2000

    Merrillville, IN - PDK Automotive Enterprises, has introduced the answer to 
all problems associated with long-term or short-term storage of a car, truck, 
SUV or motorcycle: the patented "CarCapsule,".

    The clear vinyl "bubble" seals a vehicle completely away from the 
elements.  Dust, dirt, condensation, even insects are locked out.  Just drive 
a vehicle onto a laminated fabric basemat, place the cover over the vehicle, 
and zip it closed.

    A unique 12-volt, high-pressure fan, with a 5-year rating, provides 
continuous airflow to keep a vehicle dry.  The air changes inside the bubble 3 
or 4 times every hour, thereby preventing any moisture from condensing.  The 
fan operates for less than $1.50-a-month.

    The vinyl bubble is 8mm double polished, double sewn, 100% PVC.  The zipper 
is 100% nylon and will not scratch.  The base material is impervious to oil, 
gas and is flame retardant.

    Suggested retail ranges from $229 to $449.  For information, call (800) 735-
2822, or write to PDK Automotive Enterprises, 3493 E. 83rd Pl., Merrillville, 
IN 456410