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Toyota Awards $1.12 Million in Scholarships to 100 High School Seniors

13 May 2000

Winners Combine Academic Excellence With Dedication to Community Service
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. - They've learned at an early age that the truest form of 
success and happiness comes from helping others who are in need.  In turn, 
they've spent countless hours volunteering their time, giving back to their 

    Such is the mantra for the 100 high school seniors who have been named
2000 Toyota Community Scholars.  The Scholars program, now in its fourth year,
recognizes those students who have separated from the pack -- they have
distinguished themselves as leaders, not only in the classroom, but, also,
through their commitment and dedication to community service.

    The winners -- who were selected from a pool of over 13,000 applicants
nominated by their schools -- were awarded $1.12 million in college
scholarships today by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS).  The
scholarships are valued at $20,000 or $10,000 each, over four years, for study
at a four-year college or university starting in the fall of 2000.

    Since the program began in 1997, Toyota Motor Sales has awarded
$4.48 million in scholarships to 400 students across the U.S.

    "Each year, we are amazed at the special qualities these students possess," 
said James Press, executive vice president of TMS.  "Not only are they at the 
top of their class academically, but they are also at the top in terms of caring 
about the world around them.  When you sit down and talk with these teenagers, 
you can't help but feel good about the future of this country."

    Following is a "sampling" of some of the many community-service efforts
this year's scholars have spearheaded:

    * Encouraged community service among high school students by creating a
      statewide program that -- in a two-week period -- resulted in over
      15,000 volunteer hours and over 19,000 canned food items for the needy.
    * Teaches handicapped children how to ride horses, at the same time acting
      as a mentor/role model.
    * As an 8-year-old, organized a toy drive that benefited homeless
      children.  Today, 11 years later, the toy drive has grown into a
      citywide effort, helping to put holiday presents under the trees of
      needy kids.
    * After a tragic suicide by a young student at his school, founded a
      program that encourages young people to "grow and take a stand."  The
      program espouses leadership abilities so students will feel comfortable
      reaching out to others.  To ensure the message is heard, this scholar
      designed a web page, wrote a leadership book and distributes monthly
    * Acts as a translator for Spanish-speaking children.
    * As a high school freshman, founded "Kids for Kids," a program that
      provides young homeless children with opportunities and activities that
      previously were not available.  Included is a free two-week summer camp,
      which is heading into its fourth year.
    * Co-founded the "Peace Network" coalition, which has brought a diverse
      mix of social, political and religious groups together for a common
      cause, including many community-service events.
    * As a high school sophomore, developed "2000 Tomorrows," which trains
      high school leaders to identify community needs and develop a major
      service project that is available to their entire student body.  Spent
      over 1,000 hours the past two years organizing the statewide program,
      which included 80,000 high school participants in 1999.  This year, over
      100,000 students will have the opportunity to serve the needy via 100
      different community projects.
    * Has organized an annual Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, feeding
      over 450 families the past three years.
    * Due to her own grandmother's need for a corneal transplant, founded the
      "Organ Donor Project."  During a three-day awareness-activities program
      its first year, 700 teachers/students participated -- 400 of whom became
      organ donors.  The program, which has spread to 17 schools nationally
      and internationally, has helped thousands of teenagers become aware of
      the need for organ donations.  Helping to get the message across is a
      video and workbook written and produced by this Toyota Scholar.
    * Organized food drive for a soup kitchen that netted 2 tons of canned
    * Out of a concern for the high rate of youth drownings, developed a free
      program that teaches disadvantaged children how to swim.  In its first
      year, 70 local high school students taught 150 children how to swim.
    * Constructed living quarters for the homeless.
    * Mentored children in latch-key programs.
    * Paired nursing home residents with local teens, providing

    The Toyota Community Scholars program is managed by Educational Testing
Services in Princeton, N.J.  The 12 national winners ($20,000 each) and
88 regional winners ($10,000 each) were selected by a panel of college and
university admissions officials from across the U.S.

    The scholarship winners were guests of honor today at an awards banquet in
Louisville that was attended by education, community, business and government
leaders.  Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach and current coach at the
University of South Carolina, was the featured speaker.

    While in Kentucky, the students toured Toyota Motor Manufacturing,
Kentucky, Inc., in Georgetown, which builds the Toyota Camry and Avalon sedans
and the Sienna minivan.  In addition, the Scholars cruised the Ohio River on
the Belle of Louisville -- a historic paddle wheeler -- attended college
preparation seminars and participated in a community service project.

    NOTE:  A list of Toyota Community Scholars follows.

                             2000 TOYOTA SCHOLARS

                               CITY             HIGH SCHOOL

    Jason Byrd                 Trinity          East Lawrence High School

    Ben Nolting                Palmer           Colony High School

    Julie Glasser              Scottsdale       Chaparral High School

    Vivian Lo                  West Memphis     West Memphis High School

    Edward Andrews**           Berkeley         Saint Marks School
     (Southborough, MA)
    Kristin Engelbrecht Bleem  Long Beach       Long Beach Polytechnic High
    Lynsie Ishimaru            Sacramento       Mira Loma High School
    Ilisten Jones              Carson           Westchester High School
    Meredith Lee               San Jose         Leland High School
    David Lee                  Cerritos         Gretchen Whitney High School
    Long Nguyen                Anaheim          Loara High School
    Elaine Samarin**           Hacienda Heights La Serna High School
    Jason Young                Inglewood        Pacific Hills School

    Adrian Davis               Colorado Springs Falcon High School

    Dov Licht                  West Hartford    Hall High School

    Christine Chang            Newark           Archmere Academy
    Aleine Porterfield         Camden           Caesar Rodney High School

    Lan-Anh Phan               Washington D.C.  Woodrow Wilson Senior High

    Benjamin Chen              Seminole         St. Petersburg High School
    Steven Cohen               Pembroke Pines   University School
    Lindsay Hyde**             Miami            Southwest High School
    Kali Stern                 St. Petersburg   St. Petersburg Catholic High

    Tamara Huff                Columbus         Carver High School

    Katrina Niehaus            Makawao          Seabury Hall

    Claire Chandler            Boise            Boise High School

    Rafi Ahmed**               Bensenville      Fenton High School
    Andrew Klaber              Buffalo Grove    Adlai E. Stevenson High School
    Ginger Ross                Chicago          Chicago High School

    Jennifer Brauer            Lawrenceburg     Lawrenceburg High School

    Richard Herbst**           LeMars           LeMars Gehlen Catholic High
    Shira Simon                West Des Moines  Valley High School

    Andrew Knopp               Manhattan        Manhattan High School
    Amanda Trigg               Gardner          Gardner Edgerton High School

    Zachary Pfanstiel**        Paducah          Paducah Tilghman High School

    Joanne Chiu                Metairie         Academy of the Sacred Heart
    Jandel Webb                Baton Rouge      Woodlawn High School

    Shirliejean Vail           Dover-Foxcroft   Foxcroft Academy

    Sheila Chandrasekhara      Salisbury        James M. Bennett High School

    Ronaldo Rauseo-Ricupero**  East Boston      Boston Latin School

    Cecily Clark               Battle Creek     Battle Creek Central High
    Kara Wenzel                Belleville       Belleville High School

    Steven Frederick           White Bear Lake  White Bear Lake High School
    Justin Palmen              Rochester        Mayo High School

    Raney-Mills Turner         Jackson          Jackson Academy
    Amber Wallin               Hattiesburg      Hattiesburg High School

    Melissa Schapiro           Chesterfield     Parkway Central High School
    Amy Schlueter              Rolla            Rolla High School

    Megan Mobley               Olive            Powder River Co. District High

    Stephanie Pankonin         Louisville       Louisville High School

    Elizabeth Moss             Winnemucca       Albert M. Lowry High School
    Jeffrey Walker**           Henderson        Green Valley High School

    Julia Tobias               Exeter           Phillips Exeter Academy

    Marc Freed-Finnegan        Montclair        Montclair High School
    Payal Shah                 Clark            Arthur L. Johnson High School

    Li-Wei King                Albuquerque      Albuquerque Academy
    Rori Morrow                Folsom           Des Moines High School

    Cheryl Bansal              Bath             Haverling Jr./Sr. High School
    Jessica Brondo             Glen Cove        Glen Cove High School
    Anne Godwin                Tarrytown        Sleepy Hollow High School
    Daniel Guando              Ridge            Longwood High School
    Rachel Kolster**           New York         Chapin School
    Keisha Lindsay             St. Albans       James Madison High School
    Kurtis Mayz                Wesley Hills     Ramapo Senior High School

    Joseph Falencki            Charlotte        Charlotte Catholic High School
    Benita Jones               Raleigh          North Carolina School of
                                                Science & Math
    Arthur Williams, IV        Greensboro       Walter Hines Page High School

    Jennifer Larson            Hillsboro        Hillsboro High School

    Jonathan Pyles             Dayton           Carroll High School
    Uma Samant Dayton          Centerville      High School
    Christine Santos           Cincinnati       Sycamore High School

    Kristin DeBusk             Altus            Navajo High School
    Jennifer Harris            Lawton           Eisenhower Senior High School

    Richelle Blanchard         Eagle            Point Eagle Point High School
    Megan Hall                 Portland         Saint Mary's Academy

    Daniel Cellucci            Broomall         Saint Joseph's Preparatory
    Gregory Presto             Allison Park     Hampton High School
    Rachel Toaff               Merion Akiba     Hebrew Academy

    Jose Sotomayor             Vega Baja        Lino Padron Rivera High School

    Thomas Hale                Wakefield        South Kingstown High School

    Mary Adkins                Greenville       Greenville Senior High School

    Monica Olsen               Dupree           Dupree High School

    Lindsey Carr               Gatlinburg       Gatlinburg-Pittman High School
    Hugh Lucas Waverly         Waverly          Central High School
    Liza St. John              Morrison         Coffee County High School

    Harry Dao                  Houston          J. Frank Dobie High School
    Jay Gilliam                Arlington        James W. Martin High School
    Sara Hudson**              Boerne           Boerne High School
    Jon-David Mohundro         Franklin         Franklin High School

    Marianne Hagen             Midvale          Skyline High School
    Melvin Hampton             Farr West        Fremont High School

    Aaron Janus                Barre            Spaulding High School

    Julianne Ams               Great Falls      Thomas Jefferson High School

    Amy Hille                  Ritzville        Ritzville High School
    Mark Miller                Prosser          Prosser High School
    Wynne Scherf               Metaline Falls   Selkirk Jr./Sr. High School

    Blaire Nuzum**             Fairmont East    Fairmont High School
    Bryan Stonestreet          Bluefield        Bluefield High School

    Jacqueline Gerhart         Sussex           Arrowhead High School
    Julia Styles               Mequon           Homestead High School

    Beau Ballinger**           Dubois           Dubois High School

    **National Winner - $20,000 scholarship

    All others receive $10,000 scholarship