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Make Your Mom Queen of the Road

2 May 2000

Make Your Mom Queen of the Road
    DIAMOND BAR, Calif., May 2 It's that time of year again.
The pressure's on to find a present to show Mom how much you love her.  You
can go the standard route and buy her flowers or perfume.  Or you can be
creative with a gift that will make her Queen for a Day and Queen of the Road.

    If you're thinking, "Not my Mom, no way!" Think again.  "Between my
commute, playing chauffeur for the kids and running the family errands, I
sometimes feel like I live in my car," said one harried mother of a teenager
and a toddler.  "I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it more

    "Making the time you spend in your vehicle more enjoyable, more productive
and safer is what the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is all
about," said Sue Elliott-Sink, SEMA spokesperson.  "If your mother is into
sports or the outdoors, or if she commutes to work or runs the family taxi,
there's a custom auto accessory that will make her happier behind the wheel."

    For the sporty Mom, consider a multipurpose rack system (from $75) to make
hauling gear like bikes, skis or a kayak safe and easy, or running boards
(from $65) to help her get in and out of the SUV that Dad just had to buy.

    Busy Moms appreciate high-tech solutions to everyday problems.  A rear
seat entertainment center (from $250 to about $1,000) can virtually eliminate
"are we there yet?" from her children's vocabulary.  A GPS navigation system
(from $75) can help her get where she's going safely and on time.  A remote
keyless entry system (from $75) makes it easy to get into the car when her
hands are full, and a remote starter system (about $145) will cool it off
before she has to get in.  There's even a portable refrigerator (about $100)
that plugs into a cigarette lighter to keep hot food hot or cold food cold on
the road.

    Any Mom who has to haul around a lot of stuff will appreciate clutter-
control accessories like cargo nets or wedges (from $10), a sun visor-mounted
CD organizer ($15) or a custom console (from $10 for a simple plastic model up
to several hundred for a sophisticated leather design).

    Moms who like to be pampered will appreciate a seat back massager (about
$60). And fashion-conscious Moms can make a styling statement with a snap-on
steering wheel styling ring made of leather, wood or carbon fiber (about $60).
Washable seat covers (from $60) -- in styles ranging from simple velour to
funky pony, cheetah or Hawaiian prints -- let Mom express her personality
while protecting her upholstery.

    "Specialty automotive accessories can make the difference between just
getting there and really enjoying the drive," said Elliott-Sink.  "To explore
the possibilities -- or for more help in finding the perfect Mother's Day
present-check out our web site,"