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Land Rover North America, Inc. Features Four Special-Edition Range Rovers At The 2000 New York International Auto Show

20 April 2000

Land Rover North America, Inc. Features Four Special-Edition Range Rovers At The 2000 New York International Auto Show
  30th Anniversary Range Rover, Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino, Holland & Holland
          Range Rover And Range Rover Linley Are the Most Exclusive
                            Land Rover Models Ever

    NEW YORK, April 20 Land Rover, known the world over as the
purveyor of unmatched sport-utility vehicles, today unveils four exclusive,
special-edition Range Rovers at the 2000 New York International Auto Show.
The combined efforts of Land Rover, Land Rover Special Vehicles in Solihull,
England and partnerships with such prestigious names as Holland & Holland and
designer David Linley have yielded this collection -- shown together for the
first time -- of the most sought-after Range Rovers ever.
    The 2001 30th Anniversary Range Rover and 2000 Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino
were designed to embody the most distinctive aspects and heritage of Land
Rover's flagship Range Rover model line.  The 2000 Holland & Holland Range
Rover, with production now underway, captures the luxury and heritage of both
Land Rover and another famous English brand-the premier sporting weapons
manufacturer Holland & Holland.  And the ultimate and most exclusive Range
Rover ever -- the 2000 Range Rover Linley -- embodies the spirit and flair of
world-renowned designer David Linley.
    "New York is the perfect showroom for special-edition Range Rovers," said
Curt Imber, Range Rover model manager.  "Our Range Rover customers desire
vehicles that are unique, personal, prestigious and thoroughly capable.  These
special-edition models are the ultimate embodiment of the luxury sport-utility

    Making its U.S. debut at the 2000 New York International Auto Show is the
2001 30th Anniversary Range Rover.  This unique model celebrates the 30 years
of Range Rover production since the vehicle's official worldwide public launch
on June 17, 1970.  Since that time, Range Rover has been a unique product and
remains peerless today.  It possesses both the capabilities of the world's
leading 4x4s and the amenities and feel of the world's best luxury cars.  To
date, over 461,000 Range Rover units have been sold around the world.  When
launched in North America in 1987, Range Rover helped create the luxury sport-
utility segment that is currently a powerful force in the U.S. automotive
    The 30th Anniversary Range Rover is highlighted by a striking Wimbledon
Green paint scheme with body-color bumpers, side mirrors and door sills.  The
vehicle is fitted with a Lightstone beige interior and Classic Green leather
seats with contrast piping.  Unique Burr Maple wood veneer trims the door
panels, dash fascia and center console.  Each vehicle is fitted with a dual-
tone, leather-trimmed steering wheel and a unique 30th Anniversary badge.  The
30th Anniversary Range Rover also features bright finish 18-inch Hurricane
alloy wheels and an advanced version of Land Rover's Global Positioning
Satellite (GPS) navigation system that includes off-road navigation ability.
    A limited number of 30th Anniversary Range Rover models will be produced
for sale in key markets around the world.  Only 200 units are planned for
North America, which is now by far the largest Range Rover market in the
world.  The 30th Anniversary Range Rover will go on sale in North America in
September 2000 at an estimated MSRP of $71,000.

    The 2000 Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino was conceptualized alongside the 30th
Anniversary Range Rover.  The creative impetus was Land Rover's long history
of adventure and exploration on the African plains.  An animal theme, designed
to reflect the color and tone of one of Africa's most magnificent species, was
developed throughout several conceptual sessions.  The result of these
sessions is the striking design of the Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino.
    Like the 30th Anniversary Range Rover, the Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino is a
showcase for unique leather, interior trim and exterior paint -- in this case
all are rendered in the natural colors and textures of an African rhino.  The
exterior is coated in Bonatti Grey paint, an unusual ash-grey hue; the
exterior mirrors, front and rear bumpers and door sills are also painted
Bonatti Grey.
    Inside, the seats are covered with contrasting light and dark rhino-
texture leather and finished with ash-grey highlights and piping.  Dark rhino-
texture leather is used liberally throughout the cabin, adorning the
transmission shift handle, handbrake, cubby-box lid, glovebox cover and grab
handles.  Grey-accent wood complements the leather.  The interior treatment is
finished with a number of chrome accents.
    Overall, the shades and textures of the Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino create
an elegant atmosphere within the cabin and a striking exterior appearance,
making an already unique vehicle even more special.  Initially, only 125 of
these special edition models will be produced by Land Rover Special Vehicles
for sale in the U.S.  The estimated vehicle MSRP for Range Rover 4.6 HSE Rhino
is $77,000.  Distribution will begin by the end of April.

    Land Rover and its equivalent in the gunmaking/sporting apparel business-
the British firm Holland & Holland-have partnered to create one of the most
exclusive and interesting Range Rovers ever produced: the 2000 Holland &
Holland Range Rover.  Holland & Holland, like Land Rover, is a name synonymous
with adventure and style.  The Holland & Holland Range Rover reflects these
shared values.  Production of this exclusive vehicle began in January, with a
plan for only 400 units to be produced worldwide.  Of these, a mere 125 units
will arrive on American shores for model year 2000.  Vehicle MSRP has been set
at $79,000.
    Each Holland & Holland Range Rover represents more than one hundred hours
of handcrafted finishing work at the Land Rover Special Vehicles facility in
Solihull, England.  The vehicle's interior is dressed with exquisite dark-
brown Bridle leather seats piped with Walnut leather.  The steering wheel,
knee bolsters, glovebox cover and grab handles are also trimmed in these fine
Bridle and Walnut leathers.  French/American high-grade, low-sheen, gunstock-
grain walnut veneer-similar in appearance to the wood used to make Holland &
Holland gunstocks-appears throughout the cabin, adorning the instrument panel
fascia, the center console and all four doors.    The walnut veneer on the
doors is decorated with metal inlays that simulate the fine engraving found on
every Holland & Holland firearm.  Blue/black chrome metal, resembling the
signature metalwork of a Holland & Holland firearm, is used to trim the cabin.
This chrome metal is also used to create the Holland & Holland nameplate that
appears on the vehicle's tailgate.
    Chrome sill plates accent the base of each door opening and the vehicle is
painted a striking Tintern Green.  Eighteen-inch alloy wheels with Tintern
Green accents complete the elegant, appealing appearance of every Holland &
Holland Range Rover.

    The 2000 Range Rover Linley-the most exclusive special-edition Range Rover
ever-was developed through Land Rover's relationship with world-renowned,
London-based artist and designer David Linley.  With a suggested price
estimated at of $125,000, just three examples of this exquisite, all-black
luxury 4x4 vehicle have been built to date.  In creating this vehicle, Land
Rover gave David Linley total freedom to develop his ideas.  The design that
emerged is simply arresting.
    The all-black vehicle-inspired by Linley's 'Metropolitan' range of
furniture-features black wood and ebony finishes.  The piano black exterior
coachwork is achieved by hand-spraying the body with a solid black paint and
then hand-polishing the panels to a mirror finish. To complement the
coachwork, 18-inch multi-spoked alloy wheels have been given a unique 'Shadow
Chrome' finish.  Discreet touches of chrome and stainless steel vehicle
badging add the final detail to the exterior of the vehicle.  As a finishing
touch, the windows are polished with jeweler's rouge to add extra sparkle.
    The interior is also all black.  Piano black veneer on the instrument
panel fascia, cubby box lid, picnic trays and door trims contrasts with seats
trimmed in the highest-grade automotive leather. Black leather also finishes
the headliner, package shelf and other interior components.  Luxurious thick-
pile carpet is used for the floor of the cabin and luggage compartment, with
black lambswool rugs placed in the footwells.  Subtle touches of brightwork
are used to provide contrast with the interior.  They include 'star burst'
graphics, unique to the Range Rover Linley.  The steering wheel is piano black
with steel inserts that echo traditional British car design cues.
    The result of David Linley's design and Land Rover Special Vehicles'
finishing work is that of a vehicle seemingly carved from a solid block.  The
textures of the materials in the cabin, while all in black, complement each
other to add depth and variety to the interior.
    The finishes employed convey an appropriate tactile feel -- from the
smoothness of the steering wheel to the luxury of the lambswool over-rugs.
The no-compromise quality of the materials and craftsmanship dictate that the
Range Rover Linley is a vehicle for the very few.  Production is on a made-to-
order basis with each Range Rover Linley carefully developed to include
distinguishing touches unique to its owner.

    Common to every special-edition Range Rover model is the full complement
of technology and guts that helps every Land Rover navigate the world's most
extreme terrain.  Range Rovers are built with reinforced, boxed-steel ladder-
style frames that ride atop a standard Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) system,
which replaces conventional coil springs.  The EAS system employs a computer
controlled air compressor and four heavy-duty air springs-one mounted at each
corner of the vehicle-to provide Range Rover with five discrete ride-height
profiles that can be either manually or automatically selected.  This system
gives the vehicle a total height adjustment range of 5.3 inches.  The air
springs are part of a sophisticated suspension system that incorporates
forged-steel radius arms, an anti-roll bar and a Panhard rod to locate the
front axle.  The rear axle is located by composite trailing arms and a Panhard
    As with all Land Rovers, the special-edition Range Rover models are
equipped with permanent four-wheel drive.  The Range Rover system-comprised of
three differentials, a two-speed transfer gearbox, a center viscous coupling
unit and standard four-wheel Electronic Traction Control (4ETC) -- is in
constant operation and provides exceptional maneuverability on all surfaces.
For stopping, Range Rover's four-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
monitors each wheel individually 250 times per second and, when active, can
cycle the brakes up to 10 times per second.  This advanced all-terrain ABS
system is designed to even tell the difference between on- and off-road
surfaces, thus optimizing stopping performance in all situations. All the top-
line Range Rovers are powered by a 4.6-litre V8 engine that turns out 222
horsepower at 4,750 rpm and 300 pound-feet of torque at 2,600 rpm.  Eighty
percent-that is, 240 pound-feet-of peak torque is available between 1,400 rpm
and 4,500 rpm.  Power is sent to all four wheels through an electronically
controlled, ZF four-speed automatic transmission, equipped with a locking
torque converter that provides prompt, smooth gear changes.
    All U.S.-specification special-edition Range Rovers -- as with all new
Land Rover vehicles sold in the U.S. -- are backed by a 4-year/50,000-mile new
vehicle limited warranty, a 6-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion perforation
limited warranty and Land Rover 24-Hour Road Recovery(SM) service for the
duration of the new vehicle limited warranty.
    Land Rover retailer location information can be obtained by calling 800-
FINE-4WD or logging on to
    Land Rover North America, Inc., established in 1986, imports Range Rover
and Discovery Series II vehicles manufactured in Solihull, England, for sale
in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The BMW Group, Munich,