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All-New 2002 Infiniti Q45 Debuts at New York International Auto Show

19 April 2000

New Performance Luxury Sedan Standard
    NEW YORK, April 19 An all-new, third generation Infiniti
Q45 made its world debut at the New York International Auto Show in April,
giving consumers an early preview of its unique combination of powerful and
exciting performance, contemporary and luxurious interior and innovative
technology.  It is a combination designed to set a new standard -- including
one of the segment's most powerful standard engines and one of the most
powerful headlight systems -- in the highly competitive premium luxury class.
The new Q45 is scheduled to go on sale in April 2001 as a 2002 model at more
than150 Infiniti retailers nationwide.
"The new Q45 captures the original passion of Infiniti and will bring it
to life for a whole new generation of buyers," said Tom Orbe, vice president
and general manager, Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, Inc.  "This Q,
like the very first Q45 when it was introduced a decade ago, is a powerful
expression of everything we've learned so far.  It's guaranteed to make the
industry and driving enthusiasts alike sit up and take notice."

    The concept for the creation of the 2002 Q45 was to rebalance the
performance -- luxury scales, with a definite emphasis on the performance
side.  For example, the new Q45 develops 340 horsepower (an increase of more
than 25 percent from the current Q45) from its all-new 4.5-liter V8 engine
design -- powerful enough to produce estimated zero to 60 mph acceleration
times of 5.9 seconds (nearly two seconds faster than the 2000 Q45).

    "The 2002 Q has all the luxury amenities and then some that you'd expect
in a premium luxury sedan," said Orbe.  "But when it came down to deciding
between, say, rear seat coolers and racing-type titanium valves, we put the
development resources under the hood."

    A Bold New Exterior Design

    The serious nature of the 2002 Q45 is immediately evident -- day or night
-- with one glance at the Q's large, multi-lens projector high intensity
discharge (HID) headlights.  Seven individual lenses and a free-surface
reflector design combine to provide a wide distribution beam pattern utilizing
a large luminous flux -- creating what should be the most powerful headlight
system available in the world.  Using this new technology (the first adoption
of its type), the beam area is wide enough that additional foglights are

    The new Q's distinctive and dynamic exterior form is wider and taller than
the current Q45 and the wheelbase has been stretched nearly two inches, though
overall length remains the same as the 2000 model.  Exterior styling
highlights include a large, Infiniti-style front grille, a sculpted hood,
integrated front bumper, a high-class silhouette, raised rear deck, large
taillights and a choice of 17-inch or 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels with wide
performance tires.  Door handles and emblems have an understated matte finish,
designed to blend with the new Q's palette of eight deep, rich metallic

    Other exterior features include a power glass sunroof with tilt/slide
feature and sunshade.  The sunroof also offers "one-touch" auto-open/close
with safety reverse feature for ease of operation.  The Q45's body-color,
power remote-controlled heated outside mirrors with memory feature now include
turn signal indicators in the mirrors and an automatic dipping feature (when
reverse gear is selected) for enhanced visibility when parking or backing up.

    "The attention to detail in this design -- all focused toward the creation
of a more enjoyable driving experience is exceptional," said Orbe.  "There's
everything you'd expect, yet nothing gimmicky or extraneous."

    Enhanced Driving Control and Comfort From a Stylish New Interior

    The 2002 Q45 continues the Infiniti tradition of combining a true driver-
oriented cockpit with a seemingly endless list of luxury amenities -- in a
design that is both boldly original yet classically elegant.

    Designed to create a sense of a personal 4-seater (five adults can be
comfortably accommodated as well), the new Q offers more total interior and
trunk volume than its predecessor.  Special attention was paid to the rear,
with additional rear knee room, power adjustable rear seats, rear audio
controls and an oversize rear center console providing added comfort for rear

    In the front, the designers sought to enhance the Q's legendary driver-
oriented cockpit through utilization of large, round-shaped instruments with
electro-illuminescent illumination, an integrated switch system for easy
operation and use of a new Vehicle Information System with center multi-
function display.  The system's seven-inch LED touch screen video display is
located at the highest position on the instrument panel for better visibility
and greater operability.  The Vehicle Information System integrates and
displays vehicle operation information ranging from climate control and
maintenance updates to vehicle settings such as auto door lock and headlight

    The Q45's new DVD-based "Bird View" navigation system utilizes the same
video screen, as does and a new Rear View Monitor system.  With the aid of a
small camera mounted near the rear license plate, a back view is automatically
displayed when the driver selects "reverse" with the automatic transmission
shifter lever.

    Luxury features include soft, high quality leather seating surfaces in a
choice of three colors, genuine wood trim, a stylish wood and leather steering
wheel, Infiniti's signature analog clock, rear sunshade and a 325-watt Bose(R)
premium audio system with digital architecture and eight speakers.  The audio
system includes the adoption of a new Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) system,
which creates noise compensation corresponding to outside noise.

    An Engine and Suspension Designed to Thrill

    Without even opening the hood, the new Q45 offers clues to the power and
purpose within -- dual exhaust, a gate-type 5-speed automatic shifter with
manual shift feature, fitted leather and wood shift knob and serious
P225/55R17 or P245/45ZR18 tires.  But these items only scratch the surface.

    The Q's all-new, standard 4.5-liter 32-valve DOHC aluminum V8, based on
technology developed for the award-winning VQ-series V6 engines found in the
Infiniti I30 and QX4, is simply far and away the most powerful engine in
class.  With 340 horsepower and 333 ft-lbs of torque, it provides exciting,
yet surprisingly smooth, performance.

    Mated to a totally new high-torque capacity, electronically controlled 5-
speed automatic, the engine provides sub-6.0 second 0 - 60 mph acceleration,
yet it weighs less and is projected to provide equal fuel economy to the 2000
Q45's 266-horsepower 4.1-liter V8.

    Among the advanced features utilized in the new Q's engine design are
modular cylinder heads, titanium valves, lightweight pistons, torque demand
powertrain control, continuous variable valve timing control, variable intake
system, super silent single-stage cam drive chain, microfinished crankshaft
and dual mode variable capacity muffler.

    Every 2002 Q45 also comes equipped with a new 4-wheel independent
suspension design.  Rear suspension weight has been reduced 10 percent and
front suspension weight by five percent over the current Q45 through extensive
use of aluminum castings.  In the rear, shocks and springs have been separated
to help reduce rear suspension friction by almost 40 percent.  Major
improvements in camber and steering stiffness and a 40 percent increase in
body torsional rigidity help provide handling, stability and steering feel
that inspires driver confidence.

    The new Q also features Vehicle Dynamic Control, which improves vehicle
stability by controlling brake pressure and engine torque automatically in
understeer, oversteer or slippery road surface situations.  Every 2002 Q45
also offers standard Traction Control System, 4-wheel power-assisted vented
disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System, and vehicle speed-sensitive power
rack-and-pinion steering.

    New for 2002 are several additional advanced technologies designed to
provide responsive and exciting performance.  A Brake Assist System provides
natural pedal feel in normal usage and reduces pedal effort in hard or panic
braking situations.  Electrical Brakeforce Distribution provides better
braking effectiveness by controlling front and rear brake distribution
depending on the load condition (passengers and cargo) of the vehicle.

    A new Adaptive Cruise Control system uses a radar sensor to measure
distance to a vehicle ahead.  The system uses this information to control
throttle and brake actuators to maintain a safe, preset following distance.

    State-of-the-Art Safety, Security and Features

    The 2002 Q45's standard safety features include an Advanced Air Bag System
with dual front-seat supplemental air bags, new inflatable side-impact SRS
curtain/thorax air bags for head and chest protection and active head

    Other innovative systems include an electronic key system and run-flat
tires (17-inch only), which allow the driver to drive up to 55 mph for a
distance of 50 miles after a puncture.  The run-flat tires are equipped with a
low pressure monitoring system, which notifies the driver in the case of a

    "This new Q is a quantum leap forward for the Q45 line -- capturing the
performance and innovation soul of the original and building on the luxury
aspects of the current car," said Orbe.  "This is just the first of many new
performance-oriented luxury vehicles on tap for Infiniti in the years ahead.
The Q45, as our flagship sedan, is leading the way into a new dimension of
driving enjoyment and advanced technology."

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