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2000 Vehicle Satisfaction Scores Released by AutoPacific(R)

20 April 2000

2000 Vehicle Satisfaction Scores Released by AutoPacific(R)
    TUSTIN, Calif., April 18 A study released today by
automotive consulting firm AutoPacific, Inc. reveals how satisfied people are
with their 2000 model year vehicles.  The VSS (Vehicle Satisfaction Score) and
PPS (Pure Product Satisfaction, which rates vehicle satisfaction without the
influence of the dealership) have become known as the benchmarks for objective
automotive customer satisfaction.
    The study, which records the importance and satisfaction of over 50
features of vehicles that were recently purchased by 28,000 respondents,
reveals Lexus is the highest rated brand with the Lexus LS400 the top rated
car.  General Motors' products have a strong showing with top rankings in five
of sixteen categories.  Cadillac is the top domestic nameplate and is second
only to Lexus.  Mercedes-Benz is third.
    USA brand vehicles are top-rated in nine of the sixteen classes. Japanese
brand vehicles are top-rated in four categories.  European brand vehicles are
at the top of three classes.
    "Volkswagen has been doing quite well in satisfying their customers,"
noted George Peterson, President and founder of AutoPacific.  "The Passat won
it's class, and the Jetta, Beetle and Golf, swept the small car category."

         VSS Top Five Cars:                   Top Five Trucks

       1.  Lexus LS400                          1.  Cadillac Escalade
       2.  Lexus GS300/GS400                    2.  Lexus RX300
       3.  Chrysler LHS                         3.  Toyota Tundra
       4.  Cadillac DeVille                     4.  Ford Expedition
       5.  Mercedes-Benz S-Class                5.  Lincoln Navigator

                      VSS Top Vehicles in Their Segment:

    Contemporary Luxury High Car     Lexus LS400 (Top 5, 3 years in a row)
    Contemporary Luxury Low Car      Chrysler LHS
    Traditional Luxury/Large Car     Cadillac DeVille (3 years in a row)
    Middle High Car                  Mercury Sable
    Middle Low Car                   Volkswagen Passat
    Small Car                        Volkswagen Jetta
                                      (2 years in a row. #2 in 1998)
    Sports Car                       Mercedes-Benz SLK
    Sporty Car                       Saturn SC (#1 in 1998)
    Large Pickup                     Toyota Tundra
    Compact Pickup                   Dodge Dakota (#1 in 1998)
    Luxury SUV                       Cadillac Escalade
    Large SUV                        Ford Expedition
    Mid-Size SUV                     Honda Passport
    Small SUV                        Honda CRV (3 years in a row)
    Van                              GMC Savana (#1 in 1998)
    Minivan                          Chevrolet Venture
                                      (Displaces Chrysler T&C)

    Each year, AutoPacific(R) publishes the results of this report as a free
industry service.  In addition to publishing this information, this year
AutoPacific(R) will be offering a Satisfaction Benchmark Study that will
analyze each vehicle in the North American study, attribute-by-attribute.
This analysis will allow manufacturers and suppliers to compare their vehicles
one attribute at a time to the industry leaders.  "We feel that this study is
the most economical way for manufacturers and suppliers to rate their own
performance, and find out who is setting the standard for customer
satisfaction.  It makes the analysis at the discrete level from cupholders to
dealer personnel," remarked Peterson.
    AutoPacific, Inc. is a future-oriented automotive marketing and
product-consulting firm.  Each year it publishes a variety of syndicated
studies on the automotive industry.  The firm also conducts extensive
proprietary research and consulting for manufacturers, marketers,
distributors, and suppliers.  Headquartered in Tustin, California and with
offices in Detroit, Michigan, the firm works exclusively in the automotive