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Official Website of the New Car Buyer and govWorks.Com Join Forces to Better Serve Drivers

28 February 2000 and govWorks.Com Join Forces to Better Serve Drivers
    ST. LOUIS, Feb. 28 --, a free online motor
club servicing motorists with comprehensive driving information and services,
today announced an alliance with as part of its continuing effort
to provide a broad array of services to make motorists' lives easier.  This
powerful affiliation combines's instant information with
govWorks' national online link to local governments.
    The first step in this affiliation allows DriveThere members to pay their
traffic tickets online.  This is another link in DriveThere's comprehensive
chain of services -- from planning road trips to paying parking tickets.  It
fulfills's mission of providing the best services and
information the Web has to offer the 180 million Americans who drive a car,
truck, motorcycle or RV. and provide their users
a direct link to the other's site.  This connection allows both sites'
subscribers to access the other's membership services without registering
    " complements, and the relationship between the
two sites allows us to provide one more essential service to drivers," said
Craig Kaminer, president of  "We plan to continue building
partnerships with other e-businesses to enhance our offerings."
    The alliance between and makes the payment of
parking tickets hassle-free and rewarding.  The system is:

    --  Quick - The online transaction is complete with three easy clicks.
    --  Convenient - Unlike many government agencies, govWorks accepts credit
    --  Rewarding - Users can earn govRewards by participating in special
         offers from affiliates when they make online payments.
    --  Simple - User-friendly frames guide online users through automotive
         ticketing regulations and the payment process.
    --  Reliable - govWorks provides e-receipts to confirm that payments were
         received and allows drivers to view transaction history. provides driving-related services and information to the
180 million drivers in the U.S.  Its mission is to use the Internet to make
vehicle ownership exponentially better for motorists.  The site offers users a
single entry point to find all the best driving-related information and
services on the Web, and currently offers it for free. is one of the first Web sites to cater to travelers who
want instant information while they are on and off the road.  The site offers
turn-by-turn driving directions, weather information, travel discounts,
traffic updates and e-mail capabilities.  Much of the information on is divided geographically for the convenience of travelers
crossing state boundaries.  Soon, will feature information
specially formatted for viewing via the new generation of mobile Internet
devices such as cell phones, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs).
    In April, the site will begin offering a preferred members program that
includes an extensive variety of upgraded services for a minimal annual fee.
This new level of service will include emergency roadside assistance,
extensive travel discounts, online automotive purchasing and financing as well
as an online maintenance record and calendar.  Later this year, DriveThere
will expand its Online DMV to include license and vehicle registration and
renewals. LLC
    St. Louis-based launched in October 1999.  The company is
using the power of the Web to revolutionize the motor club model and make
driving safer, more affordable and more enjoyable than ever before. was developed by Influence Incubator, an e-business incubator
owned by Influence Holding, LLC.
    Influence specializes in developing and building e-businesses by providing
integrated e-commerce strategy, award-winning graphic design, technology
implementation, and e-marketing services for clients who are rethinking or
expanding their existing business model to take a leadership position in the
New Economy.  Some of Influence's clients are today's market leaders who are
developing new business skills to stimulate thought leadership and adopting
e-commerce as a new channel of distribution.  Others are the market innovators
who are challenging the industry leaders and are willing to take advantage of
new opportunities.

    About govWorks
    govWorks, Inc., founded in 1998, is a private company that collaborates
with government to provide a wide variety of Internet-based services that
enhance interactions with citizens, businesses and other government agencies.
govWorks' e-government services range from free access to the
consumer portal, to do-it-yourself Web development tools that governments can
use to create their own sites with full transactional capabilities.
    At our consumer portal, , individuals and businesses can
pay tickets, bills or taxes online, look for government jobs, exchange ideas
with elected officials, find information, access government resources,
participate in government auctions and much more.  govWorks helps governments
use the Internet to provide better services, lower costs, increase revenues
and free up resources that can be used to address other needs.  Citizens and
business benefit from 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to enhanced
government services, with expanded options for making payments online --
including the ability to use credit and debit cards -- and save money on the
cost of bills and tickets.
    By developing a national online link between government agencies and the
273 million people they serve, govWorks has created a comprehensive and
efficient channel for transactional, informational and communication exchange.