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Acura Announces New Image Program            

17 February 2000

Acura Announces New Image Program            
    TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 17 -- At an annual meeting of its
dealers this week, Acura announced a series of initiatives aimed at further
enhancing the brand's sophisticated, performance image and focus on
world-class customer satisfaction. The initiatives include a comprehensive
program to upgrade dealership facilities, a new extranet-based consumer and
dealer information network and a new look for its logo.
    "These initiatives signal the dawning of a new era for Acura," said Dick
Colliver Acura Division executive vice president.  "In combination with
class-leading products like the TL sedan and all-new CL coupe, and future
models like the MD-X sport utility vehicle, these programs will play a
critical role in continuing the revitalization of Acura as a leading luxury
    The new Acura logo maintains its signature caliper design but features a
more circular outer ring and sharper three-dimensional appearance.  A new
color -- Acura Blue -- will be adopted for all future applications of the logo
and the Acura brand name, replacing the current red Acura mark.
    The Acura Dealership Image Program is a multi-phase initiative designed to
provide Acura dealers with a consistent new look that clearly communicates
Acura's image of performance, advanced technology and precision design.  "The
goal is to create a look that sends a clear and distinctive visual message to
consumers while creating a more customer friendly sales and service
experience," said Colliver.  The program combines an all-new exterior design
with an enhanced interior image.
    A key element of the exterior design is a monolithic entry icon.
Prominently displaying the Acura name and logo, the icon serves as the
entryway and visual centerpiece of the new exterior architecture.  Other
exterior design elements include a new, more distinctive, dealer brand sign
featuring the new Acura logo with deeply beveled surfaces and sharp angles for
a look of precision and power.
    New interior design elements build upon existing improvements from the
first phase of the initiative launched in 1998.  The combination of these new
interior modules and existing elements will lend a more contemporary,
high-tech and interactive style that compliments the new exterior design while
providing customers with a more comfortable, informative and user-friendly
showroom environment.
    The programs will be launched nationwide in the next several weeks and
will continue through the end of 2002.  All dealer modifications will be
coordinated by the Acura Design Center to ensure a consistent look and feel
for all dealerships while responding to the varying requirements of local
markets and dealer facilities.
    Another critical element of the program is the Acura Interactive Network.
This new extranet-based system will integrate customers' in-dealership
experience with their internet- shopping activities for a more consumer-smart
buying experience.  The network will also serve as a platform for the
consolidation of all sales, marketing, and service communications between
Acura and its dealers.  "The internet is reshaping the retail landscape," said
Colliver.  "The Acura network will ensure that our dealers are properly
equipped to meet the needs of the internet-savvy Acura customer."   The Acura
Interactive Network will be launched nationally in the next several months
with the goal of having all Acura dealers online by the January of 2001.