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There May Be an Easy Cure for Those Emissions Test Woes

17 February 2000

There May Be an Easy Cure for Those Emissions Test Woes, Says CRC Industries
    WARMINSTER, Pa., Feb. 16 -- Drivers in scores of metro areas
across the country are experiencing a new automotive headache -- EPA-mandated
emissions tests that are much more stringent than anything in the past.  In
fact, experts predict that millions of cars will fail the test -- and face
expensive repairs in order to pass.
    The reason?  Americans are driving their cars longer and farther, and the
fuel system must perform like new to pass the test.  Required repairs could
easily reach into the thousands of dollars.  And while everyone agrees that
reducing auto emissions is beneficial to the environment, failing your auto
emissions test might not be beneficial to your wallet.
    If you have a high-mileage or older vehicle, your fuel system may not be
functioning optimally.  A clogged fuel injector, a dirty carburetor or a
contaminated fuel line may cause excess carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons.  Even
the slightest rise in emission levels will be detected in the new emissions
    Testing, diagnosing and repairing a fuel system problem can be a difficult
and time-consuming process for a mechanic.  Because of the complexity of these
systems, most repair shops prefer to just replace expensive fuel system
components rather than cleaning and adjusting.
    However, a new generation of chemical fuel system reconditioners has
emerged in the marketplace, specifically formulated to help vehicles pass the
EPA's test.  These emissions test formulas use a combination of the most
powerful emulsifiers and cleaning agents available to restore a vehicle's fuel
system to "like-new" condition.
    "These products, when used as directed, will significantly improve fuel
system performance," says Ron Walker, vice president of sales and marketing
for CRC Industries Inc. of Warminster, Pa.  "If difficulties continue, then
most likely there is a mechanical problem."
    CRC markets an emissions test formula, called Guaranteed To Pass(TM)
(G2P), that they claim is the most effective.  The G2P formula cleans fuel
injector tips and removes deposits from intake and exhaust valves, improving
fuel flow and combustion efficiency.  The company is so sure of the
effectiveness of their product that they guarantee it will work or they will
give purchasers double their money back.
    "Vehicle owners need something that works and we guarantee that G2P will
be the solution," continues Walker.  "In fact, we have so much confidence in
our special formula, we've offered a double-your-money-back guarantee."
    Now, if only everything in life were this easy to deal with!

    NOTE:  For more information on this product, readers should contact CRC
Industries Inc., 885 Louis Drive, Marketing Department A, Warminster, PA
18974, call 800-272-8963, or visit the company's Web site