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Dead Batteries Happen!

24 January 2000

Learn How to Properly Jump-Start an Automotive Battery On the Web
    MILWAUKEE -- Nobody plans to get stranded with a dead battery.  Yet it 
happens every day.  Maybe headlights were left on, or maybe a driver was trying 
to get one more year out of an old battery.  The time to learn the right way 
to jump-start a car battery is before the jumper cables are needed.  

In an effort to help consumers, Johnson Controls has created a web tool where 
consumers can "practice" jump-starting automotive batteries.

    The newly redesigned battery portion of
features an interactive jump-start tutorial along with other useful automotive
battery-related facts and tips from North America's largest automotive battery
manufacturer.  The information is accessible from the front page of by selecting "automotive battery."

    "Our goal was to create an informative and fun automotive battery resource
for the public," said Gail K. Warner, marketing communications manager for
Johnson Controls.  "This is a one-stop source for a wide range of information
about batteries and battery technology for everyone -- from motorists who need
to know how to jump-start a battery, consumers shopping for batteries, or
automotive engineers looking for a new enabling technology for 14/42 volt
architecture -- all of that information and more can be found on our site."

    For instance, the "Battery Basics" section is full of useful material, in
particular, the online interactive instructions for jump-starting a battery.
The easy, step-by-step, interactive tutorial guides consumers through the
process right online.  If the user connects the virtual jumper cable to the
wrong post on the virtual battery on the computer screen, he or she will get a
gentle correction and can try again.  No sparks will fly, no damage will be
done to a vehicle.  Plus, that user will be ready if they ever have to
jump-start a battery for real.  The site also offers a one-page, printable,
bullet-point version of the instructions which can be kept in the glove box of
a car.  Then, consumers will have the instructions handy if and when they need

    Other information in the "Battery Basics" section includes a description
of how lead-acid batteries work, the history of batteries, safety and handling
tips, maintenance and storage tips, and even a battery recycling quiz.

    In the "Products" section, consumers can choose to search for information
by use or by brand name including -- Duralast(R), Energizer(R), EverStart(R),
Interstate(R) and Kirkland Signature(R).  From there, users get handy
guidelines on selecting the right  battery for their needs.  Enter a zip code,
and the site will even identify nearby stores that carry a particular battery

    The section on "New Technologies" provides details on Johnson Controls
cutting-edge IQ(R) control features found in batteries and battery-related
accessories, including the Inspira(R) battery technology and its role in the
future of high-voltage automotive power systems.

    Other information on the site includes a real-time odometer reading
representing the hundreds of millions of miles that Johnson Controls batteries
have been tested in real-world conditions.  In addition, the "Press Room"
offers news releases, a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" and photos and
biographies of Johnson Controls' executives.

    "Batteries are crucial to our everyday life and yet we only think of them
when our cars won't start," said Warner.  "We believe this new site is a vital
link between Johnson Controls and its customers and consumers, conveying
important, useful information in a fun, friendly way."