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Mitsubishi Premieres 2001 Montero Luxury SUV    

12 January 2000

Mitsubishi Motors Premieres 2001 Montero Luxury SUV With Aggressive Style and Innovative Features    
    Completely Redesigned Vehicle Features Aggressive Styling, Rigid Body,
                 New Suspension and Versatile Interior Design

    DETROIT, Jan. 11 -- Mitsubishi Motors today held the North
American debut of its completely redesigned 2001 Montero luxury sport utility,
a stylish and innovative competitor in the luxury SUV market.
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    Featuring a muscular exterior design, the 2001 Montero combines several
features in one unique package:

    --  "monocoque" construction for on- and off-road prowess and exceptional
        structural rigidity;

    --  4-wheel independent suspension;

    --  rugged and smooth electronic engagement of two-wheel drive, all-wheel
        drive and low and high-range four-wheel drive;

    --  versatile 7-passenger interior with "disappearing" third seat; and,

    --  Mitsubishi Motors' Sportronic(TM) 5-speed automatic transmission for
        "manumatic" shifting.

    Due to arrive in Mitsubishi Motors' dealerships in March 2000, the 2001
Montero reasserts its leadership as a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle.  The
Montero will be available in two models with final pricing announced prior to
its introduction.
    Montero showcases bold styling that is suited to the new century.  Its
assertive new look reflects practical considerations, too.  The raised front
fenders make drivers more aware of body dimensions, important both for urban
parking situations and off-road excursions.
    The makeover continues with a rigid "monocoque," or unibody, construction,
allowing both a larger size and lighter body weight than the previous body-on-
frame Montero.  This provides the SUV -- a consecutive two-time winner of the
grueling Paris-Dakar Rally -- with three times greater torsional strength and
greater capacity to absorb energy in a collision, forming a safety-enhanced
body structure.  Another benefit is exceptional dampening from noise and
    Underneath, further on- and off-road capability is provided by Montero's
first-ever 4-wheel independent, double wishbone front suspension and multi-
link rear suspension.  At the rear, it improves maneuverability in dirt and
rugged conditions over the previous Montero's rigid rear axle.  Another
significant change is that the Montero's front suspension now features coil
springs, replacing the previously used torsion bars.
    The "heart" of the Montero, its Active-Trac 4WD system, provides superior
shifting, cornering performance, mobility and quietness.  This new system has
a 33:67 front-to-rear torque split for better rear-drive handling
characteristics in all-wheel drive mode (the previous version ran at a 50:50
torque-split), yet 100% of torque can be distributed to the front or rear axle
as required by available traction.  A limited-slip rear differential is
standard on the LTD model and optional on the XLS model, and all models come
equipped with a locking center differential for extreme traction requirements.
For a quiet ride, a fine pitch chain reduces chatter.
    Inside the new Montero, the flexibility of the new body design includes a
new rotating sub-floor storage mechanism, allowing the 7-passenger vehicle's
third seat to "disappear" under the floor for greater cargo space.  There is
also more overall interior room for passengers and cargo.
    The 2001 Montero is powered by a 3.5-liter, 24-valve V6 engine with
200-horsepower and features enhanced low- to mid-range torque over previous
Montero.  In the XLS model, the power of the V6 is mated to a 4-speed
electronically controlled, adaptive-logic automatic transmission.  The Limited
model offers buyers a Sportronic(TM) 5-speed electronically controlled,
adaptive-logic automatic transmission, making Montero one of the first SUVs to
offer "manumatic" shifting.
    Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc. was established in 1982 by
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Tokyo, and markets a full line of vehicles,
including coupes, convertibles, sedans and sport utility vehicles.  Their
website is located at