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9 January 2000

Visionary Visteon Technology Available for Today's Vehicles
    DETROIT -- Visionary, consumer-focused technology by Visteon Automotive 
Systems is showcased on Ford Motor Company's 24.7 concept vehicles at the 
2000 North American International Auto Show.

    But consumers don't have to wait for the concepts to become reality to get
their hands on Visteon's leading-edge automotive systems.  The technology is
available today.

    For the past six months, Visteon has worked with Ford to apply dynamic,
world-class technologies to Ford's 24.7 concept vehicles.  The 24.7 concept
vehicles include a wagon, truck and coupe that redefine traditional user
interaction with a vehicle.

    The concept vehicles feature three of Visteon's most dynamic technologies:
Visteon Voice Technology, Voice Activated Reconfigurable Projected Image
Display, and the new Advanced Lighting System.  These technologies offer
consumers easy access to information and communications such as e-mail, hands-
free mobile phone, real-time route assistance, weather reports, and custom
features like stock readings.

    "This partnership is an important acknowledgment of the value we bring to
our customers," said Marcos Oliveira, vice president and chief technology
officer, Visteon.  "Visteon's competitive advantage is its engineering
expertise, and we use this expertise to design innovative system solutions
with our customers that are unlike any others in the world."

    Visteon's Voice Technology allows drivers to set controls and make phone
calls with voice commands while keeping their hands on the wheel and their
eyes on the road.  It is used in conjunction with a vehicle's on-board
navigation system and includes an in-vehicle Web browser that allows drivers
to verbally seek and receive weather information, road conditions or stock

    Further, Visteon Voice Technology, the only voice-activated system in the
industry that understands continuous and natural patterns of speech, works in
six languages -- English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish --
including multiple dialects and accents.

    The Ford 24.7 concept vehicles also feature Visteon's Voice Technology in
conjunction with its Reconfigurable Projected Image Display.  The voice
activated display, a revolutionary alternative to the conventional instrument
display, gives drivers the ability to customize the dashboard by changing the
speedometer, gas gauge and clock with simple voice commands.

    Visteon's latest breakthrough lighting technology -- white and red LED
(Light Emitting Diode) lamps -- are also incorporated on the Ford concept
vehicles.  The lights illuminate instantly, last the life of the vehicle,
allow for extremely thin and lightweight packages and consume only a fraction
of the power that traditional halogen lamps require.  The benefits of these
features include flexible packaging, unique hi-tech styling appearance,
increased safety because of instant "on" capability, long-lasting source and
reduced power consumption.

    "We are dedicated to offering consumers revolutionary vehicle technologies
that will make driving safer, more economical, more stylish and more fun,"
said Oliveira.  "We are honored to work with the 24.7 team at Ford and are
gratified that innovations from Visteon in turn help make our customers

    With a global delivery system of nearly 125 technological, manufacturing,
sales and service facilities located in 21 countries, Visteon is leveraging
the talents of its 77,000 employees to deliver innovative, consumer-driven
systems solutions to its customers.