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'One' for the Road

8 January 2000

    HOLLYWOOD/ -- RADD (Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes Against Drunk 
Driving), the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show and Universal Studios Hollywood 
are teaming up to remind an estimated 900,000 visitors that in the year 2000, 
"one for the road" means a designated driver.

    RADD's message is "Your lifestyle is your business, but if you take it on
the road it becomes everybody's business."  The 14-year-old nonprofit
organization is comprised of entertainers and athletes who use their celebrity
power to tell people to have all the fun they want, but to plan ahead and use
a designated driver or take a cab when they party with alcohol.

    To support RADD's message, the LA Auto Show donated the space and
Universal Studios Hollywood loaned RADD its famous "Magnum PI" Ferrari to
exhibit to the public.  The sleek red car makes an important point:  Even a
technologically advanced automobile will perform like a tired wreck that's
slow, unresponsive and loose-cornering, when it's driven by an impaired

    To benefit from superior handling and precision steering, you need more
than performance engineering.  It takes concentration, good motor skills,
clear vision and physical coordination to drive any car, much less a
finely-tuned machine like a Ferrari.  Alcohol and driving don't mix.
Impairment degrades more than judgment, it robs you of the driving skills you
perfected and the performance you value.

    The 1986 "Magnum" Ferrari body on a Chenowth Chassis with VW motor, is the
actual picture car used in "Magnum P.I." the Universal/MCA-produced hit series
that ran for eight seasons on CBS-TV.  Created by Donald Bellisario and Glen
Larson, the show was filmed on location in Oahu, Hawaii from 1980-88.  Both
stars, Tom Selleck ("Thomas Magnum") and John Hillerman ("Jonathan Quayle
Higgins") won Emmys.  Thomas Magnum's "Detroit Tigers" baseball hat and red
Hawaiian shirt are in the Smithsonian Institution, but his Ferrari is in LA on
display at RADD's exhibit in Kentia Hall through January 16th.

    While supplies at the booth last, RADD is giving away $10 off coupons to
Universal Studios Hollywood.  Along with a free Universal coupon, those 21 and
over will receive a free RADD Designated Drivers License which is good for
discounts and incentives through January 31st (Super Bowl weekend).  The RADD
Designated Drivers License may be used at participating California bars and
restaurants that serve O'Doul's non-alcohol brew and at 7-Eleven and Sam Goody
stores statewide.

    The Auto Show exhibit and License distribution are part of the 4th RADD
California Challenge, an annual partnership effort with the California Office
of Traffic Safety, the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice Planning and the
California Highway Patrol.  The RADD Challenge rewards designated drivers and
challenges everyone to be the life of the party by taking their turn as the
sober driver for friends and relatives.

    Also on display in RADD's booth at the LA Auto Show is a 170 mph electric
open-wheel race car built by Planet Electric for Team RADD -- RADD's
motorsports division.  Modeled after a Champ Car, the scaled-down Team RADD
Electric Powered Mini-Champ Car was designed by Planet Electric Technology
Group (North Hills, Calif.), and Eric McClure, RADD VP and founder of Team
RADD and RADD Kids for Safe Choices.

    McClure is working with CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) to develop
the 2000 "Team RADD CART Tour."  Following the route of the CART FedEx
Championship Series, the Tour will combine highly visible young celebrities
with the excitement of Champ car racing.  The program's mission is to deliver
a life-saving safety message to motorsports enthusiasts of all ages: "Driving
skills start with being in control.  Professional drivers control what they
put in their bodies as carefully as they control their race car's speed and
positioning.  Control, not speed is the winning formula."