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Small Electrics ZAP LA Auto Show

6 January 2000

Small Electrics ZAP LA Auto Show
    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6 -- The Los Angeles Auto Show will once
again be a forum for alternative fuels January 8-16, but while it seems that
"hybrid" vehicles are the new industry buzz word, exhibitor ZAPWORLD.COM
(OTC Bulletin Board: ZAPP) says that the real standard for efficiency and air
quality is still the electric vehicle.
    ZAPWORLD.COM (ZAP) of Sebastopol, California, develops, manufactures and
distributes several models of low-speed electric vehicles, including bicycles,
scooters and motorcycles.  It has even started distributing a new category of
small electric car called a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, or NEV.  ZAP
recently signed an agreement to acquire the manufacturer, Global Electric
MotorCars, which has already delivered over 2,000 NEVs at a price of about
$10,000 a piece.
    Hybrid vehicles, which combine electric and fossil fuel propulsion
systems, are becoming popular among many alternative fuel developers because
they can deliver comparable performance to traditional gasoline vehicles.
Pure electric vehicles, however, are still far less polluting.  A recent
article published by the California Electric Transportation Coalition (ETC)
shows electric vehicles produce less than one percent of the pollution
compared to some of the most efficient hybrid vehicles available.  The
article, "EVs are still the 'Gold Standard'," written by Michael Wirsch,
electric transportation manager for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District,
cites data from a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Wirsch writes
that the emissions benefits from the pure EV are so much larger than some
hybrid vehicles, there really is no comparison.
    "This is why EVs continue to be the 'gold standard' in terms of
emissions," writes Wirsch.  "Nothing else even comes close."
    A recognized leader in the U.S. electric vehicle market, ZAP recently
celebrated its fifth anniversary. The company is publicly owned with stock
trading under the symbol ZAPP.  For complete purchasing, franchising and
shareholder information, visit or call 800-251-4555.