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Fourth Annual 'Car Guy of the Year' Award Goes to Jacques Nasser

20 December 1999

Fourth Annual 'Car Guy of the Year' Award Goes to Jacques Nasser
      Award Committee Joins Salute via Live Internet Audio Announcement

    DETROIT, Dec. 20 -- Ford Motor Company president and Chief
Executive Officer Jacques Nasser has been named The Car Guy's(TM) "Car Guy of
the Year" for 1999 by a select group of automotive industry members, and was
announced as this year's winner today by Robert A. Lutz, chairman and chief
Executive officer of Exide Corp. and last year's "Car Guy of the Year."
    "It was a tough field this year but Jac Nasser clearly garnered most of
the votes and we couldn't possibly come up with a bethoice," Lutz said.
"He is one of the exceptional people in the industry because he is obviously a
good business man and very good at running a corporation, but he has got that
essential thread of passion for the product -- he loves them personally and he
loves creating them," Lutz added.
    Today's live announcement of the honorary "Car Guy of the Year" for 1999
was made on a special segment of the Detroit-based automotive talk program
"The Car Guy Show," distributed live to worldwide audiences on the Internet
via digital audio at and simultaneously broadcast on Detroit
radio station WPON 1460.
    "While the auto industry and enthusiast world is filled with people who
can relate to well-designed, well-engineered cars and cars that make profits,
we created this award to require more of the winner," said Steve Ford,
co-administrator of the "Car Guy of the Year" award and journalist/host of The
Car Guy media outlets.
     "Many people who are attracted to cars can be described by various terms,
such as car buffs, car nuts, car enthusiasts, motor heads and gear heads --
among other names," Ford said.  "Yet what distinguishes a true 'car guy' in
the industry is more than just 'liking cars.'"
    "Since I use 'The Car Guy' as a media by-line, this award is my annual
salute to a role model in the car-world whom I can only aspire to emulate.
And by bringing together a diverse group of my own automotive heroes each
year, I have the privilege of helping salute their heroes, too," Ford added.

    Car Guy of the Year
    In an industry that often focuses its attention more on the financial and
"hardware" aspects of the industry, The Car Guy's "Car Guy of the Year" award
honors the warm camaraderie found among car people and salutes a person who
has both a genuine affinity for automobiles and also has gained respect for
achieving well-rounded contributions to the world of wheels.

    Award Criteria
    The "Car Guy of the Year" award committee's guidelines for determining the
accomplishments, character and contributions of the annual award winner
include a focus on the following key factors for nominations and the voting

    *  Proven knowledge of both the auto industry and an equal level of
       understanding about the technical aspects of automobiles
    *  Noteworthy recent or current contribution to the automobile community
    *  Active and visible participation in the car enthusiast arena
    *  Respect and admiration from peers
    *  A genuine passion for cars

    Nasser Career Highlights
    "In addition to having a profile that includes speaking fluent English,
Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese, Jac Nasser speaks the most important language
that any auto executive can understand:  the language of a passion for cars
that is respected by both consumers and enthusiasts alike -- easily earning
him the title 'Car Guy of the Year' for 1999," Ford noted.
    As president and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company, Nasser has
all of the credentials that point to a natural rise to top-level management of
a global automaker while continuing to embrace the equities that helped him in
his ascension.  In addition to active visibility as a judge and genuine car
enthusiast attending Concours d' Elegance events, Nasser is a true "hands-on"
industry executive with his own crash helmet he uses and always has on standby
at one of the Ford Motor Company test tracks.
    Since 1968, Nasser has held increasingly responsible positions with Ford,
starting with Ford of Australia as a financial analyst.  In 1973 he came to
the U.S. to join Ford's North American Truck Operations and the company's
finance staff.  Following a brief return to Australia as manager of profit
analysis and product programming/timing, Nasser joined Ford's International
Automotive Operations (IAO), and served tenures that included management of
Asia-Pacific and Latin-American operations.
    His subsequent international assignments in the 1980s and 1990s included
overseeing corporate joint ventures and successful management of multiple
programs that led to his promotion to chairman of the board, Ford of Europe,
to vice president in 1993; and to group vice president for product development
in 1994.
    In 1996 Nasser became head of Ford Automotive Operations; and prior to his
appointment as president and CEO of Ford Motor Company in 1999, he was
executive vice president Ford Automotive Operations and chairman -- Ford of

    Award Committee
    For the 1999 "Car Guy of the Year" salute, the formal process of blind
nominations, confidential committee conferences and a blind vote for the
official title was handled by a committee comprised of automotive
representatives with multi-faceted perspectives (alphabetically):  Mario
Andretti, international race car driver/OEM consultant; Bob Bondurant,
president and founder of the Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving; Vic
Edelbrock, president of Edelbrock Corporation; Steve Ford, host of The Car Guy
Show and award co-administrator; Dick Guldstrand, race car driver, president
of Guldstrand Engineering and 1997 Car Guy of the Year; Andy Granatelli,
automotive industry/ aftermarket entrepreneur, race car driver/team owner;
Chuck Jordan, former vice president of design for General Motors; John Lypen,
editor of Motor magazine; Bob Lutz, chairman and CEO of Exide Corp. and 1998
Car Guy of the Year; Roy Miller, co-administrator of the award, automotive
historian/Concours d' Elegance judge and specialty car shop owner; Lorraine
Schultz, international CEO of the Women's Automotive Association and former
director of the Auto Leather Guild of America; Bob Sinclair, automotive
industry consultant, former president of Saab Cars USA and 1996 Car Guy of the
Year; and Don Sommer, artist/owner of American Arrow and co-founder of the
Meadow Brook Concours d' Elegance.

    The Car Guy Show is a consumer/enthusiast talk show hosted by Steve Ford
and broadcast from Detroit, Mich., on radio station WPON 1460 AM as well as
the archived digital audio programs on the Internet.  Additional information
about The Car Guy's "Car Guy of the Year" and a digital audio version of the
award announcement program may be accessed beginning Dec. 22, 1999 at (Jacques Nasser photograph also available at this site).