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Ford Model T Voted Car of the Century

20 December 1999

Ford Model T Voted Car of the Century - Recognized For Its Impact Contributions Worldwide
Henry Ford Voted Automotive Entrepreneur of the Century by International Panel

    LAS VEGAS, Dec. 19 -- Ford Motor Company was awarded Car of
the Century (COTC) for its Model T at an internationally attended gala in
Las Vegas last night.  Additionally, recognizing his contributions to
twentieth century, Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company and creator of
the Model T, was named Automotive Entrepreneur of the Century.  The event and
the awards were presented by Car of the Century International, sponsored by a
worldwide group of car enthusiasts and originated by Dick Holzhaus of the
    "The twentieth century can, in retrospect, be regarded as the 'century of
the car' -- a revolution of technology and lifestyle.  In this revolution,
Ford Motor Company paved the way both as a manufacturer and as an industry
leader," said Mr. Holzhaus.  "It was Henry Ford's vision to give people
unprecedented mobility that changed the lives of millions throughout the
    The Car of the Century was chosen from a list of 200 cars selected for
consideration by a jury of five automotive specialists, known as the Honorary
Committee of Experts.  A second jury, comprised of 126 renowned automotive
journalists from 32 countries reduced the list to 100.  Finally, the "Top 100"
car selection was posted online and enthusiasts and car lovers around the
world were invited to vote for their 10 favorite cars.  This list was
ultimately reduced to five finalists, which were displayed in Las Vegas
Saturday night as the jurors' votes were tabulated.

    Model T: Car of the Century
    Between 1903 and 1908, Henry Ford and his engineers developed 19 different
vehicles -- naming them each for a letter of the alphabet, from Model A to
Model S.  Some of these cars were experimental models that never reached the
public.  Perhaps the most recognized of the production cars was the Model N --
a small, four-cylinder car which sold for $500.
    The Model T was introduced on October 1, 1908 and quickly won the approval
of millions of owners, who affectionately dubbed it "The Tin Lizzie."  Lizzie
was popular slang for a good and dependable servant.  Besides providing
independence and opportunity, the Model T was also affordably priced.  The car
initially sold for $850, but continual improvements in design and production
eventually lowered the price to $260.  The first year's production of Model
T's reached 10,660, breaking all records for the industry.  By 1921, Model T's
accounted for 56.6% of global auto production.  In total, more than 15 million
Ford Model Ts were sold worldwide.

    Henry Ford:  Automotive Entrepreneur of the Century
    Henry Ford rose from a farm boy and tinkerer to the world's first
billionaire, all on the strength of a single idea.  He clung to that idea
through two failed attempts at starting companies.  His idea was an affordable
and dependable car for the common man.  His achievements brought about such a
car, and the establishment of mass production which changed the face of the
automotive industry and provided a model for other industries to follow.
Additionally, he originated the significant social contribution of the
five-dollar-day at a time when the average worker made less than that in a
week, spurring the growth of the middle class in America.
    The contributions of Henry Ford were recently recognized by Fortune
magazine when it named him  "Businessman of the Century" for making
transportation available to the masses and pioneering the moving assembly line
in manufacturing.
    "Ford Motor Company is honored to have been chosen for this recognition,"
said John Clinard, manager of Ford Motor Company Public Affairs, Western
Region, who accepted the awards.  "The Ford Motor Company story is intertwined
with the story of the twentieth century.  Both the company and the Ford Family
have played a significant role in the industrial and social progress that has
characterized the century.  From the revolutionary Model T through today's
state-of-the-art products, Ford's contribution to the dreams and mobility of
people around the world cannot be overstated.  Our heritage, recognized
tonight, provides us inspiration to increase that contribution as we enter the
next century."

    More information on the Car of the Century program can be obtained from
their website: .