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The Auto Channel Adds Six New Shows

16 June 1999

Automotive Webnet Continues to Demonstrate the Promise of the Internet, Today 
        AUTO CENTRAL; June 16, 1999 -- Continuing to expand its presence as the
first interactive television network on the Internet, The Auto Channel has
announced the addition of four television shows and two live radio shows to its
regular Internet broadcast  schedule.  The new shows include The Auto Channel's
first non-English language program, STATION SERVICE, a weekly French language
radio show that is produced in Quebec, Canada, and hosted by automotive
journalist Benoit Charette.  The second new radio show is THE CAR SHOW, hosted
by Tom Torbjornsen and produced at WBEN-930AM in Buffalo, NY.

        Both radio shows will debut on TACH in June, and feature interviews with
leading automotive personalities, repair & maintenance tips, consumer
information, and live phone calls from listeners.  THE CAR SHOW can be heard
live on Saturdays from Noon until 2PM, eastern time.  STATION SERVICE will also
run live on Saturdays from 5 to 7PM, eastern time.  As with all shows on The
Auto Channel, once the live episodes are concluded they will then be archived
for continuous on-demand access to all Internet users.  With the addition of
these two shows, The Auto Channel will now present a total of four automotive
radio shows every Saturday, offering the best and most diverse auto related
information in the world.  

        The four new television shows on The Auto Channel are AUTOLINE DETROIT,

        AUTOLINE DETROIT and NIGHTLY AUTOMOTIVE REPORT are both hosted by auto
industry expert John McElroy.  AUTOLINE DETROIT is a weekly half hour "Face the
Nation" style discussion show.  McElroy moderates a panel of reporters as they
discuss the week's top auto news and interview a top industry insider.  New
episodes of AUTOLINE DETROIT run at 10AM ET on Sundays.

        NIGHTLY AUTOMOTIVE REPORT runs Monday through Friday at 7PM ET,
presenting late breaking daily stories.  The Friday night shows also feature
weekly vehicle reviews.  The shows are produced by Blue Sky Productions in
Detroit.  The Monday show is 30 minutes in length; Tuesday through Friday the
shows are 5 minutes.

        TEAM CHICAGO CHALLENGE is a 30 minute weekly motorcycle racing show,
hosted by Dan Schmitt, who is also a regular on OPEN ROAD RADIO (a weekly
motorcycle show that can also be heard on TACH).  This program features racing
highlights, interviews, and general information.  TCC appears on Fridays at

        PIT TALK LIVE is a bi-weekly 60 minute interview and talk show produced
in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The show is hosted by Steve Turley and features the
latest information in Sprint and Midget car racing.  PIT TALK LIVE can be seen
on Wednesdays at 7PM ET, beginning in July. 

        New episodes of all six shows will debut each week at specific, regular
times, similar to traditional broadcast and/or cablecast programs.  However,
thanks to the non-linear and nonrestrictive qualities afforded by the
internet’s “bottomless pit”, the shows will also be archived and continuously
available to users immediately after their initial play-dates and times.

        The six new shows join The Auto Channel’s existing twelve regularly
scheduled television and radio shows.  TACH also regularly presents special
live coverage of the most important automotive and motor sports events, such as
Daytona Speedweeks, Indianapolis 500, Los Angeles and Detroit Auto Shows, and
the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week exposition in Las Vegas.

        A complete schedule of all shows can be found at:

The main web address for The Auto Channel is "".

        All shows broadcast on The Auto Channel Internetwork are available
through streaming media technology.  This allows internet users to watch and/or
listen to video and audio materials almost instantaneously, and in real time. 
To present these shows The Auto Channel uses Microsoft's Windows Media Player. 
The software is free to all internet users and can be downloaded from The Auto