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Worldstar Automobile: Roadless Transportation for a New World

15 June 1999

World Transport Authority, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Composite Automobile Research,
Debuts Business Model and Worldstar Automobile

    EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA--Composite Auto (OTC BB:CARHF) World Transport Authority, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Composite Automobile Research (OTC BB:CARHF) debuted the Company's proprietary business model and the one-of-a-kind Worldstar automobile to overwhelming response at last week's 22nd Annual Money Show in Las Vegas.

    Roger Ward, Indy 500 Hall of Famer and WTA Vice President credited the interest of conference attendees to the vehicle's durability, flexibility, and simplicity of design. "Worldstar is bringing transportation into countries where no vehicles - where no roads - exist. We have perfected the design of an affordable, simple-to-build, simple-to-maintain utility vehicle that will allow transportation of people and goods over undeveloped routes with maximum efficiency and minimum wear and tear."

    The Worldstar Vehicle, in four configurations, represents four years and $3.44-million of investment in research and development to produce a highly resilient composite automobile that can be easily manufactured using locally available labor in emerging-world nations. The vehicles are produced under distributed manufacturing licensing agreements with local entrepreneurs in the nations in which the vehicles are sold.

    Standardization and quality control are built-in to the "cookie-cutter" facilities delivered to site locations "ready-to-install," under the supervision of WTA engineers who train key personnel in all facets of manufacturing of the unique automobiles. The Company provides ongoing training and management information support to the local factories, and controls all inventory delivery of raw materials and component parts.

    The Company is strategically positioned to satisfy the rapidly emerging requirement for reliable transportation in geographic regions ignored by major auto manufactures such as Ford , Chrysler , and General Motors .

    The El Cajon, California Company has sold five "Master License" agreements, valued at over $5-million, that allow license-holders to locally manufacture Worldstar "factories-to-build-factories." These executed agreements place Worldstar facilities in the countries of Panama, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, and the Philippines.

    WTA has completed its research and development cycle and is operationally profitable entering its production and marketing stage. The Company has no debt.