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The i-Force is with Toyota Tundra

27 May 1999

Technologically-Advanced i-Force V8 Engine to Power All-New Toyota Tundra Full-Size Pickup
    When the all-new Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck goes on sale tomorrow, 
it will be powered by the most technologically-advanced engine ever offered in a 
full-size pickup.
    The sophisticated i-Force V8 will deliver segment-leading acceleration,
yet it will be one of the first V8 engines in the segment to achieve an LEV
(Low Emission Vehicle) California emissions classification.  The name i-Force
communicates intelligent design and powerful performance.
    "In the full-size pickup market, there is no more important element in the
equation than a V8 engine," said Don Esmond, Toyota Division group vice
president and general manager for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.  "Among all
standard V8s in the segment, the Tundra i-Force V8 is without peer in power,
refinement and technical sophistication.  It is the force behind Tundra's
claim to 'best in class' performance."
    Based on the 4.7-liter Lexus V8 and built on the same factory line, a
version of the i-Force engine became the first V8 ever used in a Toyota
vehicle when it debuted in the Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle (SUV) last
year.  In addition to Tundra, a separate version of the i-Force V8 will be
featured in Toyota's all-new U.S.-built, Tundra-based SUV, slated for
production in late 2000.  Both vehicles will be built at Toyota Motor
Manufacturing, Indiana, (TMMI), an all-new $1.2-billion facility located in
Gibson County, near the city of Princeton.
    The 4.7-liter i-Force engine uses aluminum heads on a cast iron block.  It
is the first double-overhead cam, 32-valve V8 offered in the full-size pickup
segment.  The rugged powerplant delivers 245 horsepower and 315 lbs.-ft. of
torque at 3400 rpm.  In independent testing, an i-Force-equipped Tundra
accelerated from 0-60 mph in 7.87 seconds, quicker than many of its
competitors standard or optional V8s.  The engine's exceptional low-end torque
and top-end acceleration allows i-Force to deliver more than 2,000 pounds of
maximum payload and 7,200 pounds of towing capability, depending on the model
and level of equipment.
    The i-Force V8 is compact and efficient thanks in part to a Direct
Ignition System (DIS).  DIS features an individual ignition coil that
integrates the spark plug cap, igniter and coil placed over the center of each
cylinder, connecting directly to the spark plug.  This provides improved
ignition timing accuracy, reduced voltage loss and enhanced reliability with
only low-voltage wires running throughout the engine bay and fewer overall
    Reduced emissions and oil consumption and increased fuel economy are
achieved with three-layer laminate head gaskets, which mate cylinder heads to
the engine block for superior sealing.  Two-wheel drive model Tundras will
deliver an impressive estimated city/highway EPA fuel economy of 15/19 mpg.
Four-wheel drive models will deliver 14/17 mpg.
    Engine power is controlled by a sophisticated Electronic Throttle Control
System with intelligence (ETCS-i).  Replacing the traditional cable-operated
throttle, ETCS-i efficiently controls the throttle-valve opening angle using
input from the accelerator pedal and the Engine Control Module (ECM),
eliminating the need for separate idle-speed control valve and cruise control
    The i-Force engine features long intake manifold runners, which provide
excellent low- to mid-range torque.  Tundra's i-Force V8 generates more torque
than any competitor's standard V8 engine.
    In addition to the i-Force V8, the new Tundra is available with a standard
3.4-liter double-overhead cam, 24-valve V6 engine that generates 190
horsepower and 220 lbs.-ft. of torque.
    The i-Force V8-powered Tundra is scheduled to arrive at Toyota dealers
nationwide on May 28 with a base price of $22,250.  Tundra will be offered in
a wide variety of configurations including two- or four-wheel drive, two-door
regular-cab with an eight-foot bed or four-door Access Cab with a six-and-a-
half-foot bed.  Both the i-Force V8 and V6 engines are matched to a smooth-
shifting, four-speed automatic transmission.  The V6 also is available with a
five-speed manual transmission and has a base price of $14,995.