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2000 Subaru Legacy GT Makes North American Debut

31 March 1999

2000 Subaru Legacy GT Makes North American Debut At New York International Auto Show    
    NEW YORK, March 30 -- Subaru of America Inc. today introduced
the all-new 2000 Legacy GT sedan and wagon at the New York International Auto
Show.  Even before its introduction in the US, the all-new Subaru Legacy has
won awards in both Japan and Australia for its innovation in design and safety
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    This third-generation of the popular Legacy line was designed to build on
the attributes of the previous two generations, while working toward making
the car both more distinctive looking and fun to drive.  The challenge for the
engineering team was to build the ultimate Legacy - a car with driving
performance, safety, and security.  And, in wagon trim, the performance of a
sedan coupled to the utility of a wagon.
    The design team worked to convey a feeling of strength and beauty in the
appearance and function of each component of the car, while adhering to the
prevailing rule of design at Subaru that dictates form must always follow
function.  The 2000 Legacy GT is the best example of how Subaru engineering
has designed to this tough standard while creating a work of art.
    The new grill and headlights help distinguish the Legacy GT from a typical
sedan.  The design melds together in a free flowing form that carries into the
hood, giving the entire forward attack of the vehicle an aggressive and
strong, yet elegant appearance.  But at Subaru there is always more to what
initially meets the eye.
    The large headlights were designed to illuminate more area of the road
than the previous Legacy headlight system.  And the grill masks an innovative
fresh air intake system that helps the 2.5-liter SOHC boxer engine develop
more useable torque in the everyday driving range.  The flow of the hood aids
in directing air up over the car in a fashion that lowers Cd and reduces wind
noise.  It has also been sculpted to ensure the driver has a good sense of
where the front corners of the car are in relationship to its surroundings.
    The aggressive wedge shape of the Legacy GT sedan and wagon gives the
appearance of both performance and strength.  The wedge-shaped profile of the
car aids in a low Cd and wind noise, but it also contains a structural
reinforcement system normally found in high performance rally and racing cars.
The dual benefit of the multiring reinforcement design is structural rigidity
for spirited driving performance and crash worthiness from all angles.
    Inside the Legacy GT the form follows function rule prevails with an
interior sculpted from over thirty years of building cars for people who like
to drive.  Sitting in the driver's seat, one notices the attention to detail
in the cockpit that creates a positive energy.
    The instrument cluster and controls are mounted in an "L" shaped panel
that blends into the console.  The large, easy-to-read gauges are made even
easier to see with a slightly offset steering wheel and self-illuminating
needles, and accessing the controls is accomplished without even the slightest
    The seats are another example of Subaru engineering.  They provide
excellent lateral and thigh support and offer a six-way power driver's seat
and available leather seating surfaces.  But the seats do more.  They are part
of the side impact system, and along with available front side impact air
bags, they are part of the improvements to the 2000 Legacy passive safety
systems.  New for 2000, all occupants have headrests and threepoint mounted
seatbelts.  Front seat occupants further benefit from the addition of a
pretensioner and load limiter added to their belts.
    Like all Subaru vehicles sold in the US, the 2000 Legacy GT has standard
full-time allwheel drive.  In 2000 the Legacy GT limited has its performance
and traction further enhanced through the addition of a limited-slip
rear-differential.  A newly designed multi-link rear suspension system aids in
increasing cornering forces while also increasing useable cargo space.
Located entirely under the floor pan, the multi-link rear suspension has
excellent vertical travel and higher resistance to side loads than the
previous Legacy rear suspension design.
    The 2000 Legacy GT is indeed the ultimate Legacy.  It takes the best
attributes of the original Legacy, combines them with the refinements of the
second-generation Legacy, and packages them into a platform and body design
that benefits from the latest in engineering technology and design.  Its
sculptured look is both beautiful and functional while remaining true to the
core values that make a Subaru... a Subaru.
    Subaru of America, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy
Industries Ltd. of Japan.  Headquartered near Philadelphia, the company
markets and distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a
network of nearly 600 franchised dealers across the United States.  All Legacy
models sold in the U.S., including the Outback, are produced at the company's
American manufacturing plant, Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc. near Lafayette,