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Prestone Products Introduces New Tire Jack Inflator and Sealer

29 February 1999

Prestone Products Corporation Introduces New Prestone Tire Jack Inflator and Sealer

    DANBURY, Conn.--Feb. 26, 1999--Prestone Products Corporation recently introduced new Prestone(R) Tire Jack(TM) tire inflator and sealer.
    New Prestone Tire Jack tire inflator and sealer is one of the most durable, flexible, reliable tire repair sealants on the market. Unlike other tire inflator products, Prestone Tire Jack tire inflator and sealer has the patented AcrySeal System(TM) sealant, which seals leaks and punctures with a tough acrylic resin. The flexibility of the AcrySeal System enables it to hold its seal while the tire is subjected to further driving until a repair can be made. In addition, the Tire Jack formula is not water-based, so the product won't freeze in car trunks, even down to -20(Degree)F (-6.7(Degree)C).
    Prestone Tire Jack is a must-have for auto emergency kits. However, because flat tires can happen in inconvenient or dangerous places, Tire Jack can be an important safety precaution as well. According to the AAA, 11% of the road service calls received in 1996 were for a flat tire. Moreover, a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study showed that nearly 1/3 of the 543 pedestrian fatalities on U.S. Interstate highways actually involved "unintended pedestrians." This includes the18% pushing or working on a vehicle, or fixing a flat. Prestone Tire Jack helps drivers inflate the tire quickly and get to a safe place to make the repair.

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    For extra reliability, Prestone Products put this product through tough testing to ensure its performance in tough conditions. According to Prestone Products Corporation's Group Product Manager for Car Care products, Brian Holliday, "Tires were driven over boards with seven heavy construction nails sticking out. The tires were then inflated with Tire Jack tire inflator and sealer, which sealed every hole and held the seal with further driving. In addition, we took the product to one of the country's best explosion testing laboratories to test it for explosion hazards, and it proved to be a nonflammable product when used as directed."
    Based in Danbury, Connecticut, U.S.A., Prestone Products Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlliedSignal. Prestone Products manufactures and markets the world's #1-selling antifreeze and over 50 other high quality car care products under the Prestone(R) brand name. Visit us online at