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Sneak Peek at 1999 North American International Auto Show

29 December 1998

Sneak Peek at 'Must See' 1999 North American International Auto Show Exhibits
    DETROIT, Dec. 28 -- A Pennsylvania forest, a potential world
record structure, and a three-level, oscillating turntable are just a few of
the sights to behold at the 1999 North American International Auto Show
(NAIAS) in Detroit, according to the George P. Johnson Co. (GPJ), the world's
largest independent custom exhibit and event company, which has designed and
manufactured exhibits for ten car companies this year.  Chief Executive
Officer Robert G. Vallee, Jr., offers the following list of what to be on the
lookout for at NAIAS '99.

    * Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep
    This impressive exhibit boasts more than 42,000 square feet in combined
space, and embodies the international design and architecture for which
Chrysler Corporation has come to be known.  Although each brand is represented
distinctively with specific materials and fabrics, a two-tiered structure is
the common thread through the three divisions.  Interactive display telescopes
allow viewers to gaze at vehicles, video, graphics and awards.  A massive
20'x16' mural depicting the 300M vehicle is actually a compilation of 2,800
smaller mosaic pieces of historic Chrysler brand photography.  Look for a
triple oscillating turntable mounted with a Chrysler concept car and suspended
above the exhibit floor.  This interactive component gyrates in three
directions, and allows onlookers to tilt, rotate and control the speed of the
mounted concept car.

    *  Subaru
    GPJ takes the notion of "creating an environment" quite literally with
this spectacular exhibit.  The atypical auto show property depicts a
Pennsylvania forest on a spring day, complete with 25' trees, a waterfall, and
a pond.  A second-story New England garden provides a panoramic view of Cobo
Hall.  Each sense will be tantalized through the use of scent machines, sound
effects and tactile stimuli.

    *  Cadillac
    GPJ has created a bold, contemporary image through the use of materials
such as stainless steel, titanium and glass.  The display is designed to
underscore the sophisticated, high technology design of the new Evoq concept
roadster and reflects Cadillac's commitment to blend elements of art and
science in its products.  The Evoq is mounted on a turntable designed with an
angular, faceted look found in computer-inspired designs such as the Stealth
fighter.  The concept display is accentuated by a multi-media presentation
using high technology projection and screen systems.

    *  Honda
    Interactive is the name of the game at the 1999 Honda exhibit.  The area
boasts an inviting interactive center theme area located next to the Honda
concept vehicle.  A newly enhanced Champ race car display features race
footage on plasma monitors, a race driver's helmet showcase and an integrated
engine display, all of which celebrate Honda's championship victories and
racing heritage.

    * Acura
    Acura's notion of "luxury and performance come together like never before"
is reflected through its significantly European exhibit, which conveys luxury
through the use of rich materials and performance through exposed metal
architecture.  The exhibit features glass showcases wrapped in a gallery
environment.  One of fifty Alex Zanardi Edition NSX vehicles will be
highlighted with a unique motorsports exhibit.

    * Saab
    A raised glass floor and a whole lot of ice shape the centerpiece fixture
on this pristinely distinctive and lovely exhibit.  1,500 fluorescent lamps
embedded in the raised glass highlight the vehicles, which are literally
suspended on the glass -- no steel is used in this display.  60 tons of ice
manufactured by a local ice company is nestled into the glass floor.  A
12'x40' frosted video screen rests on top of this post-modern ice castle.

    * Saturn
    Saturn uses an international architectural style to appeal to an audience
ranging from baby boomers to Generation Xers.  GPJ's designers created a
layout of transparent walls made of plexiglas suspended on aluminum frames
that allow passers-by to view the interior of the exhibit, yet, when lit,
encapsulate individuals within the exhibit.  An enclosed hexagon theater rises
25' feet above the exhibit floor and features six innovative 12'x18'
rotographics.  These eye-catching billboards project rotating images of the
Saturn logo, tagline and a mural of the new Saturn vehicle.

    * Toyota
    Things are looking up (literally) at the Toyota exhibit.  The company is
using six- and eight-foot weather balloons perched above the exhibit floor as
screens for full-color images of Toyota's new production and concept vehicles.
A 16'x70' mural displays graphics consistent with Toyota's new approach to the
younger buyer.

    * Nissan
    GPJ plans to unveil a structure of magnanimous dimensions to present its
new Nissan Xterra production vehicle.  Rumor has it that this particular auto
show architecture may set a world record.

    * Infiniti
    Performance and luxury are the name of the game with the Infiniti exhibit,
which features bold graphics and custom-composed music in surround sound.  A
3'x5' rear projection screen formed with plexi material is flush mounted in
the display wall and offers running footage of Media vision/I vision.

    Established in 1914 and based in Auburn Hills, Mich., George P. Johnson
Co. is a full-service, single-source exhibit and event resource with divisions
specializing in automotive, trade show, and international accounts as well as
special events.  The company produces complex shows and events worldwide
through offices in Torrance, Calif., San Jose, Calif., Boston, and Brussels,