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Drivers Urged to Prepare for Heavy Rain: Pep Boys' Tips

1 October 1998

Drivers Urged to Prepare for Heavy Rain

    PHILADELPHIA--Sept. 30, 1998--The Weather Channel says that thanks to Hurricane Georges, heavy rain will continue to fall over southern Georgia and northern Florida, with up to 5 inches of additional precipitation possible in localized areas.
    As the threat of isolated tornadoes continues to remain in southeastern Georgia, northeastern Florida and southern South Carolina, travelers are urged to play it safe.
    If you must travel in such inclement conditions, be proactive, and prepare your cars for wet weather. Pep Boys' ASE-certified technicians offer the following advice:
    First, check your tires. Keeping your tires inflated to the maximum recommended pressure will help them last longer and give the car better handling and gas mileage.
    Check the tire pressure at least once a month, always when the tires are cold and according to the recommended pressure specified by the the vehicle manufacturer (which is normally found in the glove compartment arm rest).
    To equalize tire wear, it is a good idea to rotate your tires. Doing so allows you to check for potentially dangerous conditions such as an incorrect wheel/tire imbalance or improper tire pressure.
    Also check the tread wear of your tires. Worn tire tread decreases your car's traction on wet surfaces, and can mean the difference between safely completing a curve in the road or fishtailing into oncoming traffic. To check your tire tread, use a tread depth gauge. A tread depth of only 2/32" indicates that it is time to replace the tire.
    Next, check the wiper blades to see if they are cracked, brittle or separated from the blade retainer. Wipers that smear the windshield without effectively wiping away moisture reduces visibility. At the first signs of wear, replace them.
    Keep your reservoir of windshield washer fluid filled too. Don't use water as it may freeze, rendering your washer pump useless. A helpful hint to making your windshield wipers last longer is to run them after you clear your windshield of all snow and ice.
    It is also a good idea to prepare your windshields with defogger spray. Apply the product on the inside of your windshield to eliminate the fogging and streaking that your vehicle's defroster is unable to get rid of.
    Lastly, if you find that your headlights aren't casting the amount of light you need, it may be time to change the bulbs. There are some headlights out there that offer three times more illumination than standard Halogen lamps.
    These lamps are designed to put triple the foreground light on the road in low-beam mode -- the mode in which drivers have the most difficulty seeing at night. Because the light is more uniformly bright throughout the entire beam pattern, it makes it easier to see both the roadway and shoulder.
    Ensure your safety in wet-weather driving conditions by following these automotive maintenance tips. To stock up on car care items, be sure to stop by at any of Pep Boys' 728 locations nationwide.
    But before you go, make an appointment to have your car thoroughly checked out by one of Pep Boys' ASE-certified technicians. To find a location nearest you, visit our website at or dial 1-800 PEP BOYS.
    To set up an interview with an automotive repair and maintenance expert, call us at 215/430-9748.